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November 24, 2014

Sea of humanity at Trinamool’s protest march against Centre

Sea of humanity at Trinamool’s protest march against Centre
Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee today led a massive protest rally from College Square to Dorina Crossing, Esplanade. The march started at 3 PM. Even while the Chairperson was speaking at Esplanade, protestors joined the rally at the starting point.
The protest rally was held against the conspiracies of Centre to defame the party and also against the attitude of ‘political vendetta’ against Trinamool.
Eminent intellectuals, besides the party leaders, were present at this protest march.
This is what the Chairperson said:
Why has the Centre not given a nod to our chit fund law yet? Were BJP leaders sleeping when chit funds were set up in Bengal? Why have they failed to bring back black money? Why are they targeting us?
We do not require certificates from people whose hands are stained with blood of riots. Danga Gurus have become Dharma Gurus these days. All my life I have fought for the people on the streets and I will continue to do so.
See… I am speaking here and still people are coming from College Square. Do not assume our silence as our weakness. Sickle-hammer, hand and the lotus have become one. From intellectuals to the common man on the street – everyone is present here.
Where is the Centre getting so much money for foreign trips? How are they financing the pompous shows at America? We will take people from Bengal to Delhi to protest against Centre’s anti-people policies.
Centre does not care for people. They only care about riots. True leaders do not allow divisive politics. I know political courtesies. I have always visited Atal ji, Jyoti babu. Those in power today do not deserve it. People from across sectors must come together to protest against Centre.
Let there be apolitical protests by intellectuals, sportspersons, actors, writers and thinkers. Bengal protested during Vietnam War. Bengal hit the streets in solidarity when East Bengal was fighting Muktijuddha.
We want every penny of black money back. We want account of all the expenses of the PM’s trips. Why did SBI give away Rs 5000 crore to a private company? Isn’t this Hawala?
Ever since this government came to power riots are happening everywhere – UP, Maharashtra and even Delhi. We are also born in Hindu families. We respect Ramakrishna Mission, Shankaracharya.  We have a selfie danga guru.
BJP won because there was no alternative. Other parties are afraid that is why they are silent. I dare the Centre to arrest me. This is the place where I went on hunger strike for 26 days. Here I organised dharna for 21 days for human rights.
Bengal is No. 1 in 100 Days Work Scheme. What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.  Peace prevails in Darjeeling. Peace prevails in Jangalmahal. Are they jealous because peace prevails in Bengal. Infiltration is under Centre’s jurisdiction.
People who migrated to India from Bangladesh during Partition are legal citizens of India not infiltrators. Bangladesh is our neighbour and like a sibling. Terrorists have no religion. We arrested the kingpin of chit funds. We arrested the terrorist associated with Burdwan blast.
Border areas are under BSF, SSB and other central agencies. We will give a fitting reply to the BJP politically. The tricks of danga gurus will not work on the pure soil of Bengal.
When we give a speech, some channels are asked not to telecast it. But when danga gurus speak, it is shown everywhere. They have carried out many riots in Gujarat. Spare Bengal.
I apologies to the people for causing inconvenience. But today’s march was necessary. Next time, we will protest in Delhi.