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November 27, 2014

Trinamool raises matters of urgent public importance in RS

Trinamool raises matters of urgent public importance in RS

Trinamool Congress MPs today raised several matters on urgent public importance in the Rajya Sabha.

While the Chief Whip of the party in Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien raised the matter of SBI loan to Adani group, Nadimul Haque talked about the rise in the number of incidents of communal violence in India. Sukhendu Shekhar Roy spoke about the rise in prices of life-saving drugs, specially anti-cancer medicine.

Click here for the full transcript of Derek’s speech

Nadimul Haque’s speech:

Sir, for last few months there has been an alarming rise in the incidents of violence. They are a continuation of the pattern witnessed in Western UP, Assam, Pune, Gujarat and Vadadora.

These incidents were reported from across the country and are not isolated and unconnected but are representations of larger conspiracies. The pattern of violence is similar – small local disputes give rise to rage and violence.

Sir, who are the Danga Guru? It is essential for the Rajya Sabha to occupy itself with these issues and to articulate itself in a clear and decisive manner. The role of the politics in fuelling communal tension needs to be explored and make for a coherent response.

Sir, the people of the country have painfully suffered but at the hand of divisive politics in the past and it is a duty to arrest the communal trade before it gains further momentum.

May I urge the Government and my fellow Parliamentarians to make a possible and a serious discussion on these issues so that we can press for a strong and lasting response to undeniable communal elements and to preserve public order, tranquility and moral fibre of this Nation.
Sukhendu Shekhar Roy’s speech:

Through you I would kindly like to get the attention of the Hon’ble Health Minister to an issue which is having a human angle, Sir. According to reports the country’s premier oncological treatment Institute – Tata Memorial Institute – has reported in written to the Government and the drug price regulators seeking inclusion of twelve free cancer medicines in the National list of essential medicines.

Prices of the drugs on the list are regulated by the Government. Now Sir, there are 12 medicines which are very essential for the treatment of the cancer patient such as the brain tumour, rectal cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and as well those used in used in treatment of breast, lung, kidney and prostate cancer. Most of the medicines are used in multiple-therapies.

Now, the cost of the medicines are so high and sky-rocketing day by day, that unless the regulatory authority and the Government intervenes in the matter to checkmate the price rise or to decrease the price it will be impossible on the part of the cancer patients to go for the treatment. Therefore, my humble request to the Hon’ble Health Minister, through you Sir, that this matter should be looked into seriously.

Trinamool’s innovative protest:

TMC MPs today staged an innovative protest against Government over black money issue outside Parliament wearing black shawls