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November 22, 2014

I do not need character certificate from the BJP: Trinamool Chairperson

I do not need character certificate from the BJP: Trinamool Chairperson
Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee addressed a meeting of party workers from Kolkata, Howrah and Hooghly at Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata today.
She lashed out at the Centre for practicing vindictive politics and asked party workers to hit the streets to protest against the Centre’s divisive politics.
Trinamool Chairperson is not only giving direction for the future to the district units, but also sharing strategies to counter the smear campaign launched by the Opposition.
Here is what she said today:
The Centre is practicing divisive politics. Communal violence is rising in India. The place of Dharma Gurus has been taken over by Danga Gurus. A battle lies ahead. We have to keep fighting. We are not afraid of anybody. We accept the challenge. We will keep fighting against all evil, for the sake of people.
The man in charge of the nation… How much time has he spent in India? People who have several cases of rioting against them, how can they point fingers at us? A section of the media has been bought by the BJP. We have to defeat their conspiracies.
We are not slaves of power. We only work for people. We are not weak. We will pay them back politically for every action. They can impose Article 356 if they want…
Why has anyone not questioned BJP how they spent so much money on elections. During LS elections, our flags were taken off… Why was BJP allowed to put up their flags on National Highways in Maharashtra?
Just because I went to Delhi to attend a conclave of secular parties, they took revenge by arresting our MP. They are importing their leaders from Delhi. They do not even have any leader here. They are giving away tax payers’ money… They are giving away Rs 5000 crore through banks like Hawala. Sahara also duped people. They also funded sports and films. Should we blame film stars?
Before elections, Narendra Modi said he will send away all refugees from Bangladesh. We oppose that. Not everyone is infiltrator.
We have returned money to 5 lakh people. Why should reporters be punished for working for a media house funded by chit fund? Many media houses took Sarada’s ads. A certain media house took funds from a chit fund for an award show. Should we not arrest them?
We will organise a rally against Centre’s vindictive politics on November 24 from College Square to Dorina Crossing.
Other political leaders are silent because they are afraid. But I fear no one. I cannot be silenced. BJP thinks they will incite riots in Bengal? We will never allow that. During Durga Puja, they wanted to do a blast in Bengal. Thank God, nothing happened, lakhs of people were saved.
We have 45 MPs. If they think we will help them in passing FDI in Insurance, they are dreaming.
Chit fund registration is done following Central government’s rules. Sarada was formed when UPA was in power. Why did they not act? Chit funds were formed when Left was in power. We arrested the owner of Sarada. We formed a judicial commission.
They are protecting those who cheated people. They are investigating who cheated Sarada. Why are they not returning money to people? CBI’s credentials have been spelt out by Supreme Court. CBI should be constituted freshly after the Supreme Court’s verdict.
They have instigated riots across India in the last few months – from Gujarat to Maharashtra. Even Delhi was not spared. Running a Nation is no mean feat.  Political parties may come and go but democracy and government will continue forever.
They are jealous because our Government is doing good work. BJP came to power with just 31% of votes. 69% people of India do not support them. We will not engage in petty politics. We will carry on with our development agenda. We will work for the people.
They have named a scheme Swachh Bharat…. First they should look for Swachh Aadmy. India needs national leaders like Gandhiji, Netaji. We need leaders who are inclusive. Our fight against political vendetta has started. They have attacked us, we will reply politically.
We will oppose FDI in Insurance. We will be vocal against communal violence. We want the Centre to begin electoral reforms. Elections must be fought with accountability and credibility. Black money must be brought back to India.
Kolkata has been selected as the Safest City in a survey. We have started fair price medicine shops across the State. We are working for the people. We will give a fitting reply to the Opposition politically and democratically.
Be strong. Be bold. Our workers are our assets. All frontal organizations have to work together.
I do not need any certificate of my credentials from them. My credentials are known to the people of Bengal.
They want to silence all voices of dissent. They are afraid of me, hence engaging in conspiracies.