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November 27, 2014

CBI should not be used to victimise and silence the Opposition: SS Roy in RS

CBI should not be used to victimise and silence the Opposition: SS Roy in RS

AITC MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray today vocally opposed the use of CBI by the ruling party for political vendetta. He called upon the government to decide how much autonomy should be given to the CBI and whether the CBI should be under the control of PM’s department or it should be independent.

Full transcript of his speech:

Thank you Sir. Yeh jo Bill laya gaya is mein bataya gaya ki Leader of the largest party woh Collegium mein hai. Ideal situation toh yeh hota ki agar yeh pravdhan rakha jata ki there is no Leader of the Opposition as such in the House of the People, then the Leader of the Council should be represented in the Collegium. Yeh behtar hota, yeh ideal situation hota.

Why Rajya Sabha should be ignored all the time? Ab dekhiye Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister is the Leader of the Lok Sabha normally. Pichle dus saal se nahi hua par zyada samaye tak azadi ke baad Prime Minister is the Leader of the House in Lok Sabha. Ab Lok Sabha ka virodhi neta agar nahi rehta hai toh Rajya Sabha represented hota hai toh mere khayal se achha hai.

Yeh kamiya hai, aur in kamiyo ko kaise dur karein agle dino mein Sarkar isse soch le. Mein virodh nahi kar raha is Bill ko, sabko is ka samarthan hai, mein bhi samarthan karne ke liye tayyar hoon, mujhe koi aitraz nahi hai. Lekin jo larger issue Naresh ji ne uthaya is ko bhi Sarkar ko maan lena hai.

Jab bhootpurva Mukhyamantri Gujarat ke and Gujarat ke dusre Mantri ko CBI ne summon kiya tha, puchtach kar raha the, karvahi chal raha tha, us samay ek chitthi Arun Jaitley ji ne Pradhan Mantri Manmohan Singh ko likha tha.

I quote from his letter “In spite of the fact that there is no prosecutable evidence against the Chief Minister and Transport Minister and some other Minister, CBI has taken steps with a political motivation.” This is equally true in case of Sinjoy Bose, Hon’ble Member of the House belonging to our party. He was summoned as a witness to give evidence. His name is not in the chargesheet after summoning him as evidence.

CBI has arrested him under the instructions of the Government. I am not saying so because CBI is working under the instruction of Supreme Court. Who will police the police? This is the question – CBI ko mahan bana rahe hai. Koi bata rahe the it is a constitutional obligation; it is not a constitutional obligation. Its statutory background, sanction has been challenged in the Guwahati High Court and Guwahati High Court ruled CBI does not have any legal sanction and the matter is now pending in front of the Supreme Court. Why Government is not coming up with a separate legislation for this organisation? Why under the umbrella of 46 Act, even after the divisional bench of the High Court has ruled there is no legal sanctity behind.

The way CBI is being used day in and day out as a part of political vendetta against the Opposition is shame on the part of the organisation. For two or three people, the organisation should not be defamed. The director has been described by the Hon’ble Supreme Court as a ‘caged parrot’.

One or two high level officials meeting the accused days in and days out at his residence. Aur seena thok ke bol raha hai ki jo kuch kiya hai maine official duty me kiya hai, kya ho raha hai, CBI ko niyantrit karna hai aur niyantran isiliye nehi karna hai ki birodhi ka kanth rodh karo. Niyantran isiliye karna hai ki tum kanooni raste be chalo taki jo apradhi hai usko pakra jaye, us par karwai uthaye jaye.

Mai sarkar se nivedan karna chahata hu, is par dhyan dijiye, is tarah humara member ko aaj grill kiya ja raha hai, kal aapke upar yeh ho sakta hai jab aap satta mai nehi rahenge. Koi permanent nehi hai, 5 saal ke liye aap aye hai aur koi nehi bol sakta agle 5 saal aap wapis ayenge, yeh janta tai karenge.

Therefore, Sir, my humble submission is this amendment be taken and passed by the Hon’ble Members. I would request the Government once again to look into the entire episode about the functioning of the CBI, particularly keeping in mind the instructions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Vinit Narayan’s case.

How much autonomy should be given to CBI, whether the CBI should be under control of the personal department of the Central Government or CBI will work independently under the monitoring of Central Vigilance Commission or some other mechanism would be evolved, this is for the Government to consider.

This is my humble submission, Thank You Sir.