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August 5, 2015

WB Govt to appoint advisors for implementing infra projects

WB Govt to appoint advisors for implementing infra projects

After returning from London, chief minister Mamata Banerjee has stressed on completing all ongoing projects in the state before the end of the financial year. The state finance department is engaging sectoral transaction advisers who will coordinate with different state and municipal level development agencies to help them find private partners to execute the projects on PPP model.

According to Nabanna officials, the finance department wants six transaction advisers for PPP projects in the state for different infrastructure sectors. The most important sector will be physical infrastructure that includes construction and transportation.

Urban (municipal) infrastructure sector includes water supply , treatment and distribution, drainage and sewerage and solid waste management. The third sector is industrial and related infrastructure like area development and commercial development, power and telecommunication infrastructure and the fourth sector is social infrastructure that includes non-construction activities like health, education, environment and ecology .

The state finance department will be the nodal agency for implementation and development of infrastructure projects under the PPP format. Officials said that the sectoral transaction advisers who will be selected will assist the government and state level agencies in executing the projects within a fixed time frame.


This is an excerpted version of the story that appeared in The Times of India on August 5, 2015