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August 20, 2015

WB CM holds administrative review meeting following the Administrative Calender

WB CM holds administrative review meeting following the Administrative Calender

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee reviewed the development schemes at a meeting today following the Administrative Calender at the Nabanna Complex.

All ministers, bureaucrats and heads of district administration attended the meeting scheduled at 1 PM.

WB CM has always wanted all departments to ensure that development projects are implemented within the stipulated time.

Apart from reviewing the progress and status of various ongoing schemes as well as ensuring that all work gets completed within deadline, WB CM went through the performance of all the departments and the districts.

After the meeting the West Bengal Chief Minister said that the meeting had discussed all the issues raging from flood relief, health sector, education sector, as well as roadways. She said that the meeting discussed on disbursal of funds & their utilisation for various projects in the State. The State Government have spent 99.2% of the allotted funds for various projects in 2014-15, the WB CM said.

The WB CM said that the condition of the National Highways in the State at many parts are in deplorable condition. She said that repeated requests have been made to the Centre but nothing has been done. The Chief Minister said that she will personally take up the issue and go to Delhi. She also said that if Centre cannot take the responsibility of the NHs, it should be given to the states.

The WB CM said that the Center has reduced funds for projects like ICDS which is hampering the benefits to pregnant women, children and economically weaker section of the people. The State is being unable to plan our future projects due to ambiguity in the funds disbursal by the Centre.

The WB CM also said that the DMs of various districts have reported her that the banks are not cooperating in giving loans to farmers and Self Help Groups. She said that the State Finance Minister has already taken up the issue.

The review meetings are held by the Chief Minister twice a year apart from the administrative meetings in the districts.