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August 21, 2015

WB Govt selects 8 sites for helipads

WB Govt selects 8 sites for helipads

The government has selected eight sites across the state for setting up permanent helipads. Sources said that a fresh survey would also be conducted to identify more sites.Sources in the secretariat said the permanent helipads would be set up in Digha, Tarapith, Mayapur, Howrah’s Dumurjola and at four other sites, including in north Bengal.

Officials, however, said that the soil condition would have to be ex amined at some sites.

Earlier, the state government had planned to develop 21 permanent helipads across the state, possibly one helipad at each district, to facilitate smooth movement of the chief minister or other VVIPs. The district magistrates were asked to make site selections and prepare reports on where the helipads could come up in their respective jurisdictions.

Officials said that after conducting surveys in the 21 proposed sites, eight sites have so far been selected for setting up permanent helipads.