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August 21, 2015

KMC launches e-sanction of building plans

KMC launches e-sanction of building plans

Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Wednesday launched the much awaited scheme for online sanction of building plans. The scheme effectively reduces the time taken to obtain an approval to 45 days from the existing time limit of three months. Three applicants received online sanctions for buildings in Swinhoe Lane and Canal Road (south) on Wednesday .

The facility will initially be restricted to Park Street, Camac Street, Loudon Street, Theatre Road, Ballygunge and others which fall under Kolkata Municipal Corporation borough VII. It will be extended to other areas in phases.

All a property owner needs to do to avail of the online facility is get hold of a Licenced Building Surveyor (LBS) who is empanelled in the KMC buildings department.The application for sanction of construction or additional construction on a particular building or on a vacant plot will be made by LBS on behalf of the applicant.

The LBS appointed for a particular project will need to mention every detail of the project, from the size of the plot floor area ratio to the width of the road in front of the proposed building, apart from details about the owner and the title of the land to ascertain whether it is a litigated property .