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January 18, 2014

WB CM honours outstanding police officers

WB CM honours outstanding police officers

At a function held earlier this evening, West Bengal Chief Minister gave away awards for outstanding service on duty to personnel from the police force. Apart from the police force, several civilians who performed outstanding acts of bravery in service of other citizens were also honoured. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister highlighted the schemes launched by the Govt for the police force, and praised the forces for their contribution to the society.

Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s speech:

I am very honoured to be present at this event. I can see spiritual leaders from various communities sitting here. We must always follow the path shown by them and seek their guidance. Many notable citizens are also present on this occasion. The members of Kolkata Police force as well as their families are also present. I welcome you all.

This programme was supposed to be held yesterday. But due to the sad demise of Suchitra Sen, the event had to be postponed.

The Police force has to perform a variety of duties. Kolkata Police has some special duties. From sports events to cultural events, religious festivals, Kolkata Police has splendidly performed the duty of crowd control. Kolkata Police performs big tasks very well. Sometimes they fumble in case of small issues. That should be a learning experience. That is how we become wiser and move on in life.

Police officers perform their duties tirelessly. Some of them work till late at night, and resume duty at dawn. Police officers are human too. They might lose their cool at times, because of being overwork. We must bear with them. There are shades of grey in every sphere. We must censure the bad, but never forget to honour the good. We must separate the good from the bad, and give the bad ones a chance to reform. If it does not work, then we must take action.

We must always think positive. Negative thoughts influence our actions. Positive thoughts boost our productivity. Discipline, dedication and devotion are the biggest asset of human beings.

I am proud of my police force. They are very good. I have tried to do my best for the benefit of the police force; not just the serving officers, but for their families as well. I have cleared a housing scheme for the police force. We will also set up educational institutes for their children. We have constituted mediclaim insurance for the police force. Next of kin of those who die on duty, have always got jobs under our Govt.

We are going to construct 45 Mahila Adalats. We have recruited 1,30,000 people for civic police. Over and above that number, we are still going to recruit for our forces. We are generating a lot of employment opportunities. We have divided big police stations into smaller ones, set up commissionerates for better policing.

Kolkata Police has launched aerial supervision of the city. This is amazing work. If you have the will, you can do good work. Yes you can. Kolkata Police will become the best police force in Biswa Bangla.

We are now offering constables to opt for service in home district. You can go and apply to your supervisers. Work with dedication. Perform your duties well. Our mental and moral support is with you and your families. I do not like become the cause of misery of someone`s life; I prefer making a difference to their lives.

Jai Hind. Jay Hey.