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January 6, 2014

Trinamool Yuva rally to highlight WB Govt achievements draws huge crowd

Trinamool Yuva rally to highlight WB Govt achievements draws huge crowd

All India Trinamool Yuva organized a rally from Golpark to Hazra to protest against the combined efforts of Left parties and Congress to malign the state government; the occasion was also used to highlight the achievements of the West Bengal government. National President of All India Trinamool Yuva Abhishek Banerjee led the rally. Senior party leaders like party Secretary General Partha Chattopadhyay, State President Subrata Bakshi , Rajya Sabha Chief Whip Derek O`Brien, Chief Government Whip at WBLA Sovandeb Chatterjee, Jadavpur MLA and Power Minister Manish Gupta took part in the 3.1-km rally.

Abhishek Banerjee denounces the Left

Thousands of Trinamool workers joined the rally, carrying posters and banners denouncing the opposition parties for `trying to halt development of the state`.

Trinamool Yuva National President Abhishek Banerjee said those indulging in `dirty politics` in the Madhyamgram incident were “shameless people”. Referring to the 34-year rule of the Left Front in the state, he said: “Then, they used to do politics with people who are alive. But now, they find people are not supporting them. So they are resorting to politics of dead bodies.” He said the Left Front, which had ruled for 34 years had indulged in rapes and corruption. “This is not the culture of AITMC”, he said, while blaming a section of media for `joining the conspiracy`. He said, `with the honesty and integrity our Chief Minister works, we are all set to stay in power for several terms and in the near future we will take over Delhi`.

Mission Delhi ahead of Lok Sabha polls

Party State President Subrata Bakshi, hinted at the formation of Third Front, and said that in the last 15 years no single party has formed government at the Centre with absolute majority.

“There is no such possibility for another 10 years as well. All regional parties should unite. A vast majority is looking at Mamata Banerjee as the future Prime Minister,” he said.

“Leaders of opposition parties know they`ll disappear from the scene if the Trinamool can continue with its agenda of progress and development for some more time. So they are hatching conspiracies to give the government a bad name,” said Sovandeb Chatterjee. “When small incidents happen, they can be tackled well. But doing politics over dead body is not the politics the state needs,” he added.

Thanking Trinamool Yuva for inviting him to the rally, party Chief Whip in the Rajya Sabha later tweeted, “Happy Trinamool Yuva invited me to walk/join their rally to showcase achievements of Bengal govt Lots of josh from young minds. Five hours at street corner meetings sometimes gives you better feedback than five weeks on Twitter.”