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January 21, 2014

WB CM announces the formation of a Tamang development and cultural council

WB CM announces the formation of a Tamang development and cultural council

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday proposed the formation of Tamang Development Council in North Bengal for development of the community. Addressing a programme of the Tamang community, Mamata said that efforts are being made to convince the Centre to offer tribal status to the hill communities. She also asked the communities of the region to stay united for its peace, growth and prosperity.

Excerpts from the CM`s speech:

I convey my regards and best wishes to all the community leaders, all the religious leaders, my brothers and sisters from all castes and creed. The National Convention programme organised by the Tamang community at Mirik, was a beautiful one; I congratulate you for that. I want to congratulate my Tamang brothers and sisters for inviting members of all communities here.

The Lepchas, Rais, Mangals, Diwars, Gujars, Gurungs, and Tamangs, I welcome you all. I am really happy to be here today with you. I am just like your family member. I am always with you.

Last year when I came to Kalimpong, I announced the formation of a development board for the Lepchas. The Tamang community is also a large community. We have decided to set up a development and cultural board for the Tamangs so that the community can flourish.

There are many other tribal communities here. We have received memorandums from the various indigenous communities like Limbu, Bhutia, Subba etc. for inclusion into the list of scheduled tribes. The matter is not within our jurisdiction, but we will request the central government to include the names of these communities into the scheduled tribe section.

We want every community to stay together and stay well.  I want Darjeeling to move forward. After our government came to power, this is my 26th visit to North Bengal. Never think that nobody cares for you. I am always beside you like a guard.

Tomorrow I will attend a prize distribution ceremony at Lebong Stadium. Tomorrow we will also be inaugurating the renovated Roy Villa, the house where Sister Nivedita breathed her last. On 23rd January the birth anniversary of the great son of the soil, Subhas Chandra Bose will be celebrated at Darjeeling Mall for the first time. This will be an official government programme. A number of artists from across the state will attend the ceremony along with the people of the Hills.

We are setting up an engineering college at Amtagda, two degree colleges at Pedong and Gorubathan, two polytechnic colleges at Mirik and Kalimpong, and three ITIs at Mungpoo, Gorubathan and Kalimpong.  Yesterday, we had inaugurated the mini secretariat in North Bengal, at Fulbari; we took the initiative for the first time since independence.

Darjeeling is now congested; we will look for other tourist spots in the Hills and build the infrastructure for tourism industry in this region. Mirik is one such spot. If tourists come, business will flourish. We are working on projects for drinking water supply. We are working hard to develop road infrastructure. New colleges and schools will be coming up. We want Darjeeling to remain peaceful so that we can carry out the developmental work. We will work together. We are not any different from you. The same blood flows in our veins.

We need all round development of the region, as well as progress of individual communities too.

 Jai Hind.