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August 29, 2013

Transcript of Chief Ministers` press conference in Writers` Building on August 29, 2013

Transcript of Chief Ministers` press conference in Writers` Building on August 29, 2013
We have approved 3 policies today, small scale industry policy, big scale industry policy and textile industry policy. No importance was given to textile policy in the past and as a result Maharashtra and Gujarat has a monopoly business. Hence our government has decided to give importance to the same. In the next 1 year time 1 crore jobs will be created in the sector. The SC, ST, OBC and Minorities will get benefited. At national level our share is 5.2 that will be increased to 10 %. There was no specific textile policy and as a result the West Bengal handloom sector was suffering. It was limited to `dhuti` and `saari` manufacturing but now an integrated policy will be implemented so that people who invest in Maharashtra and Gujarat, can also start to invest in Bengal. For Govt. Mill supervision Spinfed Holding Company will be created to bring all companies under one umbrella so that uniformity can be maintained. Silk industry is in grave danger and it will be restructured into West Bengal Silk Development Corporation. Modernized design centers will be established for handloom industry to flourish. Nadia will get Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Design Center, Textile Park, and Mega Powerloom Park for higher quality manufacturing. Belur has a 100 acre land where we will create Mega Powerloom Park. Other than that every district will get 10 handloom clusters. So almost 200 handloom clusters will come up in the State. As a result of this `resham`, `tant`, handloom and powerloom workers will be benefited. Capital investors will get interest, power, stamp duty, vat, entry tax, etc., exemption. Cooch Behar, Purulia and Dakshin Dinajpur investors will get special exemptions.
The economic situation in the country has indirect connection with industry because it also impacts the investment patter; impact is on every sector, right from kitchen to everywhere. I don`t know why Center is still quiet on the issue of the decline in the value of rupee. We all are worried and concerned. I think, to meet the interest and satisfy 1 or 2 countries our country is being ignored and made weak. If there is a fire in the house all the members suffer. In order to help certain countries, the UPA-led Union Government is selling off India. The UPA Government`s wrong economic policy is the reason behind a free fall of rupee against the US dollar and the current economic uncertainties. The UPA`s economic policies are misguided and they are muscling unwanted anti-people reforms through parliament. Union Government`s efforts to forcefully approve these policy reforms have resulted in such an economic condition. We do not support such policies. Fortunately, we are not with the UPA anymore, we broke the alliance a year ago and now look at their misery. There is a conspiracy to sell the country.
Our State has witnessed land movements in the past; no one understands the land acquisition issue as much as we do. Our decision on this matter is transparent.
Darjeeling was at peace, it has been deliberately made to unrest with the help of politicians, taking inspiration from the Telengana issue. I love my brothers and sisters of Darjeeling, they are not at fault. Even cars carrying patients to the hospitals are being set afire. People are being tortured. Normalcy in day to day life will return. We want to see developments in Darjeeling. The development that had begun in Darjeeling has been stopped on what basis I do not know. If people do not get 100 day work it will be unjust. People will not forgive if this happens. 20-25 years there has been no development in that region. Barring one or two departments we have given them everything including land, health, education, 100-day work scheme, urban, rural and so on under the GTA, even the name `Gorkhaland Territorial Administration`. Money has been given to them to run the affairs of the GTA and the money was returning unspent. We have given them 98%, in spite of this they are not working. So they must work. All departments are under them. So what more do they want? I fail to understand. I have said before, a separate state cannot be created. I want the elected members to run GTA. Nominated person should be the chairman. This is a deliberate strategy to create unrest in the hills through politics. It has become a trend for the Congress and BJP to politicise the Gorkhaland issue before the general elections just to capture 1 seat. I condemn this type of politics.
I will visit the Hills on September 2nd and 3rd to attend a programme.