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August 10, 2013

No one should think that Darjeeling is guardianless – Mamata Banerjee

No one should think that Darjeeling is guardianless – Mamata Banerjee
Excerpts of Mamata Banerjee`s Facebook page dated August 10, 2013 :
“Some people are playing with fire because of election politics and dividing the country. I do not agree with this. We want unity of the country – no divide and rule.
Bandh in the Darjeeling Hills is running for 8 days. I thought good sense will prevail as the worst sufferers are the poor people of the Hills. Supply of food and essential commodities has been cut off. The schools and educational institutions have been forced to shut down and development works have been stalled due to threats coming from political parties. This situation cannot continue to serve the interests of only a few individuals sponsored by political parties.
No one should think that Darjeeling is guardianless.
Recently, the Division Bench of Kolkata High Court has given a strong verdict that such Bandhs are illegal and unconstitutional. 
I appeal that Bandh must be withdrawn and GTA must start functioning immediately. 
If not, the State Government will be bound to take strong action against the criminals and the sponsors of the Bandh, so that schools, colleges, hospitals, shops and establishments, supplies of essential services, transport, etc. are run smoothly and normally.“