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August 10, 2013

Let peace, prosperity and progress prevail in Darjeeling – Mamata Banerjee

Let peace, prosperity and progress prevail in Darjeeling – Mamata Banerjee
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee addresses a press conference at Writers` Building. 
Below are the excerpts of the speech:
“As you all know by know that a political party in Darjeeling has called a strike in the hills and it has entered the 8th day today. Schools, colleges, ration shops, transportation, roads, developmental work, has all come to a halt. This is being done by force, against the will of the common people. “
“In the past 2 years Darjeeling has seen so much of development, due to the commitment of the State Govt. The tourism business has flourished, lakhs of tourists visit every year, local hotels and shops get excellent business. The roadways have been developed and reconstructed to promote tourism. Closed tea gardens have been reopened. Initiatives have been taken one after the other; there have been power plants, polytechnic colleges, new schools and modernized hospitals. A Holistic initiative was taken by this government to bring development in Kurseong, Kalimpong and Darjeeling. “
“The people of Darjeeling didn`t have financial stability as a result of years of agitation in the hills; they have endured a lot of suffering. I`m completely in support of my Nepali brothers and sisters. I love them. I want their development should not be obstructed and they should continue their education. We are trying our best to assure all developments for the Hills. “ 
“Kurseong, Kalimpong and Darjeeling are educational hubs. The students there are suffering; they are losing out on academic years. But there is only destruction caused by some leaders only to attain political mileage and fulfill their ulterior motives. I had expected them to gain conscience. But it seems it is farfetched, as unfortunately they are still taking the path of destruction. “
“I request the Centre not to pursue divide and rule policy. Let us think with unity, let us speak with unity, and let us work together. Let us not break and let us make. It is not possible to accept these demands of separate states. “
“As par Hon'ble HC order, WB Govt. will be forced to take strong action if strike in Hills is not called off within 72 hours. Although they are causing notoriety, I still believe they are friends to the State. I believe they will lift the strike for the sake of the people, for the sake of Darjeeling, for the sake of peace, for the sake of Bengal, for the sake of Hills, for the sake of Plains, most importantly for the sake of humans, development, unity, and progress.“ 
“As par the Hon`ble High Court`s  order to the State Govt., `Bandhs cannot be organized which affect the day to day activities of various institutions including essential ones, such calls are clearly illegal and unconstitutional.` `All public transports including the state vehicles should be allowed to run smoothly in the district of Darjeeling during bandhs.` `Appropriate action against the persons concerned in Darjeeling stoppage or obstruction on road, rail and air traffic or the free movement of the citizens and or goods of the area in questions.` `Adequate protection to vital institutions be provided, adequate police arrangement be made at the public places, main roads, main junctions, courts, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. and it be ensured that they function normally.“
“We are ready for all talks provided they withdraw the bandh. Bandhs can`t fulfill any demand. I`m in favour of democratic protests but I am not in favour of any resistance to development. That is why we have tolerated the strike for 8 days. Enough is enough. I don`t want my state to suffer for someone`s personal interests. “
“Centre must not interfere in State`s business. Center must allow peace and prosperity to prevail in the State. “
“We will act according to law, as per constitutional obligation and Court order. No one has the right to keep people hungry. I hope GTA will take responsibility and work accordingly to bring peace, development and prosperity in Darjeeling. “
“It is a politician`s responsibility to stand by the people. I can sacrifice everything for the public, even I am ready to sacrifice myself, but I cannot sacrifice the people. And that is why it is my caution, appeal and request; I think they will listen to us. Darjeeling has a democratically elected government as it`s guardian to protect the interest of it`s people and the region. “
“Darjeeling is a part and parcel of Bengal. Darjeeling is my heart. I will not leave Darjeeling. There must be a limitation to everything. I have to maintain the dignity of the constitution and I am bound to do so. Let our State be happy with the development, peace, prosperity and progress. “