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June 3, 2011

Team spirit the key, Chief Minister tells government employees

Team spirit the key, Chief Minister tells government employees
Kolkata, June 2: Mamata Banerjee didn’t begin her tenure as the Chief Minister with a sermon. Ms Banerjee started off by making an appeal to build a ‘team spirit’ among government employees. Never before did any Chief Minister made such an appeal to government employees — from senior bureaucrats to the dealing clerks. 
In the appeal written on her official letterhead, Mamata congratulated the employees and their families and appealed to them for their cooperation and hard work to build the new Bengal. 
“I would appeal to you to deliver the goods happily. The government is taking measures to upgrade and modernize infrastructure. We have to work together to launch new development initiatives in the state. We all need to work on a humanitarian mission. It’s you who can bring back the lost glory of Bengal,” the Chief Minister wrote on Thursday. 
Ms. Banerjee included all the employees in the “great West Bengal government family” and urged the family members to develop a team spirit that would help the government achieve its goals. 
“I appeal to all the family members to put in our best as a team effort to improve the image of the government,” she said.