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June 23, 2011

34 Years v/s 34 Days- Paribartan at a glance

34 Years v/s 34 Days- Paribartan at a glance

Mamata Banerjee’s government has shown desire, created paradigm, executed work patterns and has been exemplary in every step of movement towards development. Just 34 days have passed. Bengal already has taken stride towards the much awaited Paribartan. The last 34 years, the nightmarish nights, are now a distant past. Let’s judge!


The Last 34 Years

# Extensive unionization among all staff has resulted in total destruction of work culture in the state.

# Proliferation of this ‘no work’ culture in the State Government itself has resulted being totally unresponsive to the public and to investors.

Change in 34 days

# Chief Minister officially appeals to build a ‘team spirit’ among government employees

# Chief Minister meets with 11 Government Employees Union; seeks co-operation to run smooth governance


The Last 34 Years

# In the 1980s the CPI (M)-led Left Front government abolished the teaching of English in primary schools aided by the state and downgraded the standard of English at the secondary stage.

# Lack of infrastructure; less number of colleges and universities

# Jobs in education sector with party and political influence; emergence of “cadre raj”. Bottle necks in the education system encourages mediocrity

Change in 34 days

# CM announces that 62 secondary schools in the state would be upgraded to Higher Secondary

# Cabinet decides to take in 46,000 teachers in Primary level.

# State Higher Education Minister announces formation of 300 colleges and 10 universities across Bengal in the next five years



The Last 34 Years

# The bed per 1000 population ratio in West Bengal is 1.16 as against World Health Organization (WHO) norm of 3

# Out of total 2386 hospitals in the state only 385 are public hospitals

# Extensive unionization of nursing and lower staff and deterioration of work culture has resulted in a total failure of treatment in such hospitals

# Medical equipment lying unserviceable in hospitals for a long time results into

# Rampant corruption in hospitals; food and medicines are taken out and sold


Change in 34 days:

# After series of surprise visits to State-run hospitals, Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee meets Health Officials and opts for three tier strategies.

# Chief Minister requests the MP’s of the state to donate 1 Crore from their local area development funds for the infrastructural development of the health sector of West Bengal.



The Last 34 Years

# Even after 30 years of Left rule, the Left government has failed to provide access to essential services and basic infrastructure to the people of West Bengal.

Availability of Drinking Water

Only a quarter of households in West Bengal have access to safe drinking water, which is far less than other comparable states.

Less than half the habitations in West Bengal are connected by pucca roads, which is far less than other comparable states.

34 days of Change:

# Key decision taken to bring all the civic utilities under one roof. Joka & Sector V to be added.

# Chief Minister Ms.Mamata Banerjee clears Joka-BBD Bag Metro hurdles.

# Trinamool-led KMC to initiate taxing system based on locality    



The Last 34 Years

# The state’s debt burden increased to Rs 1,92,000 crore, against Rs 1,48,110 crore in 2008-09 — a rise of about 29 per cent .

# Around 85 per cent of revenue receipts have to be spent on committed expenditures like salaries, interest payments and subsidies, leaving little room for expenditure on development projects.

# Per capita capital outlay in West Bengal – Rs.339.5 – least among major states in India

Change in 34 days

# West Bengal Annual Plan 2011-12 finalized after CM`s meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission. Annual Plan size is Rs 22,214 Crores, around 24% more than previous year.


The Last 34 Years

# In 1976-77, West Bengal’s share in employment in manufacturing sector in India was 13.3 percent. In 2008-09, this came down to a pathetic 5 percent

# The number of job-seekers on the live registers of the Employment Exchanges in West Bengal stood at 69.31 Lakhs in September 2004, and showed a growth of 13.29 Lakhs in 5 years – both by far the highest figures among major states. It is estimated that the figure stands at somewhere near a crore now.

# Right through the 1980s and the early 1990s the CPI(M) shouted and demonstrated against computerization, saying that it will cause job losses. As a result leading foreign banks, such as Grindlays (now Standard Chartered), HSBC, etc. which had their headquarters in Kolkata moved away.

Change in 34 days:

# In order to facilitate rapid industrialization, Chief Minister meets around 230 industrialists at Industrialists' Meet in Kolkata.

# Trinamool-led Government decides to set up 17 industrial clusters to boost growth of small and medium scale industries



The Last 34 Years

# Sachar Committee Reports reveals West Bengal has the worst condition of minorities in the country.

# Huge corruption prevails at Waqf Board. Properties worth crores are being encroached upon or being exploited for monetary gains.

Change in 34 days :

# Chief Minister invites Justice Rajinder Sachar to advise the State Government on issues related to development of Muslim minorities

# CM grants recognition to around 10,000 Madrasas, making them eligible to GOI schemes