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June 18, 2019

Take criticism in the proper light and improve upon your work: Mamata Banerjee to councillors

Take criticism in the proper light and improve upon your work: Mamata Banerjee to councillors

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed the chairpersons and councillors of the Trinamool Congress-run municipalities at Nazrul Mancha.

She asked everyone to work with greater vigour and ensure that people are served well. She assured them that they will win again if they are true to their duties.

She asked those municipalities doing below-par work to ensure that nothing is left undone.

Mamata Banerjee once again repeated that a lot of cheating happened during the Lok Sabha elections regarding the casting of votes, and hence the party’s new slogan would be ‘Machine noy, ballot chai’ (we want ballots, not electronic voting machines).

Highlights of her speech:

Even if people criticise you, don’t worry – take it in the proper light. If you do good work, people will say good things again.

I have seen many municipalities working and keeping the area clean, but many are not doing so.

In 30% areas, EVM machines broke down. And what’s the guarantee that the new EVMs brought in were not pre-loaded with votes for a certain party?

Hence our new slogan is: Machine noy, ballot chai (‘we want the ballot system, not voting machines’)

Nowadays, whenever one is caught doing something illegal, the person changes party. But I am warning everyone, no one will be let go if caught doing anything illegal.

Many people have illegally transferred ownership of government properties in their or their relatives’ names; I request all of you to catch all such people. All such cases will be investigated.

People are changing political colours at the drop of a hat. But remember, doing politics means serving the people, something which I have always done.

One who does good work never loses elections. Hence ensure that all the work in municipalities is being done properly.

All municipal elections will be held together.

Beware of dengue infection. Start taking action now, especially in dengue-prone areas, like in some parts of North 24 Parganas.

If you want to stay with Trinamool Congress, remember that the party has nothing to lose if a few councillors join some other party.

But those who leave the party will not be taken back, except in some special cases where people have left due to some misunderstanding.

If a hundred people leave the party, I will convert 500 more people into our party workers.

We leaders are also to blame in some cases, and I accept that.

The party will not tolerate leaders taking money from the people in exchange for giving government benefits. For example, a poor person has every right to a house – no money can be taken against that benefit.

Municipalities and panchayats are all under the State Government. You can’t accept money from the Centre.

Why didn’t you all keep tabs in your areas about how much money the BJP, Central agencies and some religious organisations gave to the people?

Despite all this, our vote percentage has increased by 4 per cent.

From now on, ticket distribution for elections would be taken up more carefully; only those who do good work will get tickets. We will ensure that.

Many people’s names had been deleted from voter lists in the Lok Sabha elections. Many of my acquaintances have told me personally about their names not being in the lists.

We will verify all names carefully and ensure that no names of genuine voters are deleted.

Check why people who are not getting money under government schemes are not getting it.

Those who have taken money from people for distributing benefits of schemes, stop doing it immediately.

I will provide more funds to those municipalities which do good work.

Eight lakh more houses would be constructed under Banglar Bari this year.

I request all of you to beautify your areas, be it setting up street lights, planting trees, creating gardens or any other work.

I request the municipal chairman of Purulia to set up a hawkers’ market.

Importantly, councillors should ensure that they constantly communicate with the people. Keep up the public discourse – it’s very important.

Remember, Bangla’s grand culture and civilisation will not be allowed to be trampled upon by anyone.

I say again, the general election this time was mired with incidents of cheating.

I would request all of you to always use the slogans ‘Jai Hind’, ‘Jai Bangla’, ‘Joyo Hey’. For example, instead of ‘thank you’, say Jai Hind’.

Do not worry – all of you will win again. We don’t sell off our party.