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June 10, 2019

Major conspiracy by BJP home minister to destabilise Bangla govt will be countered: Partha Chatterjee

Major conspiracy by BJP home minister to destabilise Bangla govt will be countered: Partha Chatterjee

Over the last two years we have seen that the central govt has been continuously trying to disgrace the Bangla govt and its people through various means. The latest is this advisory note sent by the ministry of home affairs on the law and order situation in the state. The BJP party and the central home ministry are run by the same person. The party is dictating home policy, Trinamool secretary general Partha Chatterjee told a media conference tonight.

The details of what he said:

Bangla is the most peaceful state where a major conspiracy is now being imposed. When violence happened in UP or Gujarat, was an advisory note sent? When violence in other states happened, where were you?

This is nothing but a political connivance against Bengal. The peace that we have among the people here, was it there in Gujarat? The BJP govt at the centre is trying to usurp the situation in the state.

Ever since 2014, they have been planning to disturb the Mamata Banerjee govt. A strong conspiracy is now on to destabilise the state govt. We and the people of Bangla will counter this tooth and nail.

We are not afraid, we are aware of what is going on. We will counter this. Mamata Banerjee has all her life countered injustice and has struggled. We condemn all these machinations, this improper use of power by the central govt and the BJP.

The people will fight this. We will strongly counter this advisory note. A reply will be sent tomorrow by the State and the party. This is an insult to the state and its people.

Six of our workers have been killed post elections. A two-month old baby has been killed in Ashokenagar. Where were you then when all this happened. Where were you letters to the state then?

After this Sandeshkhali incident happened, which party’s MPs have gone? They had pre-planned this trouble. And now they are sending a letter to the state.

Who broke Vidyasagar’s statue? Who is fomenting trouble in the state and trying to endanger its culture and traditions? All these are a major plan to disgrace the state govt.

Two days ago, a police officer’s head was injured at Gangarampur. Have they forgotten that? Will the BJP home minister tackle his party’s ruffians in this state?

They are repeatedly attacking the administration. And are trying to convert everything and linking it with their party office.

These dark clouds that they are bringing over the state will not be allowed. Other states are with us.

Victory rallies continue even now after winning just 18 seats. They are a source of law and order problems. All this must be stopped. The people of the state will stand up against all this injustice.