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June 12, 2019

BJP indulges in politics of falsehood: Abhishek Banerjee

BJP indulges in politics of falsehood: Abhishek Banerjee

The BJaratiya Janata Party yesterday claimed that 17 members of two Gram Panchayats – Talpur and Chanpadanga – in Tarakeshwar (under Arambagh Lok Sabha) had joined the party. This is absolutely false. Trinamool Youth Congress National President Abhishek Banerjee cleared the air today during a press conference at Trinamool Bhavan.

He said, “BJP only indulges in politics of falsehood. We strongly condemn this. 15 of the 17 members are present here today. 12 out of 17 members of Chanpadanga Gram Panchayat are with the party. They are part of Trinamool Congress.”

He claimed that some leaders were trying to boost their importance within the BJP, by misleading people with false claims of workers joining their party. He also claimed that the former Zilla Parishad Adhyaksh was misled into going to Delhi by Mukul Roy. On return, the former has claimed that he is with Trinamool.

He also said, “The main accused in Narada is now saying Singur movement was wrong. He should feel ashamed. Was the Supreme Court judgment of August 31, 2016 wrong? If Singur movement was wrong, why did he not leave the party back then? When the land was returned to farmers in Singur, he was present on stage. Now he is making these claims to save himself from Narada and Sarada investigations. Someone who has several FIRs against him, should not lecture about corruption.”

Abhishek Banerjee also said that the BJP was indulging in politics of hate and trying to incite violence in the country through communal polarisation. He urged people from all walks of life to raise their voice in protest.