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June 29, 2019

Heritage properties to be converted into hotels for tourists

Heritage properties to be converted into hotels for tourists

On the model of Jhargram Rajbari and Itachuna Rajbari, the Bangla Government has decided to convert several heritage properties into hotels. This would give a huge impetus to the State’s tourism sector, which is already flying high, both with respect to domestic and international tourists.

 If required, additional rooms or cottages would be constructed on land adjacent to these heritage properties. Jhargram and Itachuna palaces have had a lot of success as hotels for tourists and hence the government wants to replicate the model.

 Converting the heritage buildings and estates into hotels would also result in fund flows for the properties which would help in their proper upkeep.

 A letter announcing this decision was sent by the State’s chief secretary to the district magistrates (DM), which also asked them to identify heritage properties with potential for conversion into hotels in their respective districts and send detailed information to the government.

 The DMs, in turn, have written to the block development officers (BDO) in their districts, asking them to send them information like names of heritage properties, owner’s name and telephone number, address, area of property, number of rooms available, whether additional rooms can be built, and nearest railway station, bus stand and highway, as well as pictures of the properties. The government would start the process once it receives all these information.

 Some properties though are already been looked into, like the lands adjacent to the houses of the celebrated poets Bharatchandra Ray in Amta (Hooghly district), Chandidas in Nanoor and Joydeb in Kenduli (both in Birbhum district).