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November 2, 2011

Ms Mamata Banerjee unanimously elected Chairperson; announces the name for Kolkata (S) candidate

Ms Mamata Banerjee unanimously elected Chairperson; announces the name for Kolkata (S) candidate

All roads leading to Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata wore a festive look with banners and flags greeting people on Wednesday morning.

The All India Trinamool Congress intra-party-elections was held at the Netaji Indoor Stadium on Wednesday which was attended by nearly 250-members who excersice their franchise. This was yet another initiative taken by the party which follows a transparent work-structure of functioning within the party. Apart from that nearly 2000 party workers also attended the event, which includes the members from North Eastern states who had come especially for this occasion and considered themselves fortunate to meet their favorite Didi. Ms. Banerjee was seen greeting them with a smile each and everybody personally. When a representative from North Eastern State saluted her, she reciprocated her with the same gesture.

“Mamata Banerjee for Prime Minister.” This clamor was raised by the Trinamool Congress leadership of States at a special session here on Wednesday. Ms. Banerjee was elected Chairperson of the Trinamool Congress unanimously through direct vote.

`I would like to reiterate that I will not tolerate any of my part worker indulging in corrupt activities and to stop this I again request people not to entertain anybody who approach them for donations as I know such amounts such money never comes to party coffer, besides I am strictly against any such activities which malign the image of the my party`, said Ms. Banerjee who thanked the party workers for their support. `My concern is Maa-Mati-Manush and I will not tolerate any harassment caused to them. I may not be interacting directly always but let me warn that my eyes and ears are open and I get all reports on the developments. When I don’t spare even my family if they are involved in wrong doings then I will certainly not tolerate such things within the party`, she added. 

Ms. Banerjee announced various special programmes designed for the minority community. Referring to the Haj House situated on a small piece of land in Rajarhat, she said, `I have visited the Haj House and found they are facing space constraints and would like to assure them a bigger area. Also I would like to assure the Aliah University which is running from a two-small-room set up, both will be relocated on a bigger space in Rajarhat` said Ms. Banerjee.

The Chairperson made it clear she will tolerate anybody within her party having links with anti socials and involved in realtor business. `Their politics was about skeletons and mishandling of finance, which brought us on the verge of a crisis. This is what they did for 34 years. If the state was auctioned, none would have dared to run it. We have shown the conviction and courage. Trinamool workers should not keep guns, should not torture people and should not behave in a lawless manner. If you behave well, Trinamool will rise` .

 `I am tired of listening that we are a regional political party and have limitations. I  would like to assure the my party workers that the day is not to far off when we will acquire the national political party status as all we require  is a presence across four-states to fulfill the criteria and I know we will make it in future with all the support of my party`, said Ms. Banerjee. 

Ms. Banerjee announced a series of programmes to commemorate important days in the calendar. `We are planning to hold a few events in the coming months including the launching of Trinamool YUVA, a non-political body which will provide a strong back up to the party by grooming the young generation and inspiring them to join the Trinamool Congress`, said Ms. Banerjee.

 Ms. Banerjee also announced the name of Mr. Subrata Bakshi as the candidate from Kolkata (S) to contest in the forth coming by-elections scheduled on November 30. `Subrata Bakshi relinquished his Bhawanipore seat making way for me to contest the elections, I am grateful to him for the gesture and I feel I owe this to him. He is one of the oldest party workers and I usher full confidence in him, smiled Ms. Banerjee.