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November 16, 2011

CM pay respects to slain Trinamool activists; condemns the act

CM pay respects to slain Trinamool activists; condemns the act

AITMC Web News, Kolkata, Nob 16:`Aguner poroshmoni choao pran e, ei jibon purno koro` filled the atmosphere at the Gandhi Murti as if challenging the coward Maoists that the martyrs will live in the heats of the people.

Paschimbanga Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool Congress activists gathered to pay their last respects to the slain Trinamool Congress activists late Ajit Singh Sardar and Baku Singh Sardar who fell to the bullets the Maoists in Balarampur in Puruliya district of Paschimbanga on Monday. Another song by Tagore `Aache dukhho, aachey mrityu` filled the solemn atmosphere with sentiments which had a mixed reaction of shock and anger showing in the faces of Trinamool activists who were in mood to accept the killings. `They have killed more than 160-people in the Gyaneswari Train accident and continued killing innocent lives including police officials in Gorbeta and Keshpur, I will not forget this and warn the Maoists that people will take revenge as they cannot continue with killing people`, said Ms. Banerjee.


Ms. Mamata Banerjee who was not the Chief Minister but `Didi` was seen trying to console the family members of the bereaved just like a head of the family. Known for her sincere love and concern for her party workers, she was restive as if she wants to tell the martyrs that she will take the revenge of their killing and their sacrifice will not go astray as the party will always remember them with dignity and honour.


Speaking on this occasion the Chief Minister expressed her condolences to the family members of late Ajit Singh Sardar and Baku Singh Sardar and assured them that she will not let the sacrifice go waste. `They have taken to killing people but they have forgotten that all days are not same as people will not tolerate this anymore. How can they (Maoists) even think that they will continue killing, we will sit back sit back and watch them`. She said with utter conviction that she will see that peace returns to these areas and for that she requested the people to come forward and condemn the ghastly act. `Maoists have no ism, they are 'supari killers' and its their culture. I condemn them and want all of you to join me in doing so. I would request you all to keep a vigil at crowded places in city and suburbs especially at ghats of Hoohly and café across the city where I know they come regularly and interact among themselves`, added Ms. Banerjee who also said not to harass the innocents. `Please don't hesitate to inform me and my party workers if you have any clue`, she added.


Ms. Banerjee requested her party members to help in taking the bodies of late Ajit Singh Sardar and Baku Singh Sardar of the podium and prepare for the last journey to their native village. `I also wish a speedy recovery to the Naga jawan`, added the Chief Minister.