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November 11, 2011

CM announces packages for Purulia; warns Maoists to stop bloodshed

CM announces packages for Purulia; warns Maoists to stop bloodshed

`Ja chaiben, tai kore dobo. Shudu ekta jinish aami chai apnader theke, shontrash bondho korun. Khub r rajniti r unnoyon ek shonge hote parena` (I shall do all that you want and develop the place, I will listen to all your requests. I will not tolerate politics of bloodshed, development and terrorism cannot go together) were the lines of Paschimbanga Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee during the rally at Balarampur in Purulia today.

 Ms. Banerjee expressed her concern over the growing terrorism by the so-called Maoists in the area said that her main concern was people and she will not tolerate the terrorism under the name. She asked them to stop their activities and warned them that it’s the common man who may take time to retaliate but once they do, they are capable of bringing a revolution, `Let me warn you that the day is not far when the people will react in a bigger way and I can tell you the consequences will not be pleasant for you, I have faith in the common man`.

The Chief Minister held the frail hands of the mother of slain leader Jitu Singh Sordar and challenged the Maoists to kill all the Trinamool Congress leader as she was confident that they will never be able to stop the uprising by eliminating the leaders, `please have a look at the lady and tell me that from which angle she appears to be a rich woman, it’s a pity that the have-nots have become your enemy now`, she said.

Referring to poet Jibananada who saw this beautiful place and wrote `Ruposhi Bangla r Sonnet` depicting the beauty and feel of this place but its sad that today due to these separatists the place has become a `terror` hub. `I will not tolerate any more bloodshed. I thought my initial talks will be able to mould you and bring back to main stream but it seems I will have to initiate an administrative move which I was reluctant to indulge in`, she added.

`I will develop this place into a tourism hub as I can’t allow the place to be destroyed like this and believe me I have a lot of programmes at the back of my min, many of them we did discuss today while our administrative meeting`, said Ms. Banerjee who reiterated her conviction to develop the state. She said the reason for her coming to the districts was to have an idea of the ground realities as only then she will be able to set the ball rolling. `We are planning to build an airport in Purulia as this will enhance tourism across the district. I have asked the officials to give me detailed idea of the possible land we can use for the development issues. I will give away some land to landless farmers on `Patta` for agriculture`, said Ms. Banerjee.

 Announcing a series of packages Ms. Mamata Banerjee said, a cold storage, nearly 360-upper primary schools, 53-higher education schools, ration outlets, 176-news sub-centres, and factories. Apart from that she wants to revamp the total heath and medical structure in the district, `there will be eight-mobile-medical-cabs`, she added. Ms. Banerjee also expressed her concern for the agriculture and farming, `I have already introduced the Kisan Credit card and want you all to avail off the facility. Also, I have asked the administrative officials to include all under the BPL list`. While expressing her concern for the minority community, she reiterated her stand to works toward the development for them and said, `there will a hostel for the Muslim girls and also a Minority Community Office to look into issues relating to their community`, said Ms. Banerjee who also announced a vocational training centre in the area. `I want my young brothers and sisters to become literate and self independent as only then they will be able walk ahead in life with head high`, added the Chief Minister.

  Ms. Banerjee requested the women to come forward and raise their voices against the terror, `When you can bring unite against the Left Front and bring `paribartan` (change) then why can’t you take the initiative to help the area get rid of these cowards who prefer to come out in the dark with face covered and indulge in killings. I know you can and want you to all to unite against the terror in the area`, said Ms. Banerjee.

`Mayera debe Ulu, bhaira debe taali, Purulia theke esho bondukbaad ke kori khali` (mother will give Ulu, brothers will clap in excitement, come friends lets say good bye to the politics of bloodshed in Purulia) were the ending words by the Chief Minister with an urge to stand against the terrorism and retaliate back.