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November 28, 2011

Can`t watch them unleash terror, says CM on Maoists

Can`t watch them unleash terror, says CM on Maoists

Kolkata: CM Ms. Mamata Banerjee said that the rebels were given three days to surrender but fired 1,000 rounds instead, putting the lives of innocent villagers in danger and forcing CRPF jawans to retaliate. “Would people have forgiven me if we let the rebels get away in spite of knowing that they were planning a major attack? What if they had attacked the Kolkata Metro?” she said at a rally in Behala.

“Initially I was informed that they (the rebels) had gathered to chalk out a plan to kill me, my leaders and carry out a major subversive act,” Mas Banerjee said. “Would you expect me to sit quietly?”

The CM slammed rights activists who alleged Kishanji was killed in a fake encounter. “Ekta prane e eto kanna (so many tears for one life),” she remarked, asking why the rights bodies were silent on the death of innocent people and policemen at the hands of Maoists. “Do not teach me human rights. I have fought for the rights of people all my life, from Bhikari Paswan to Tapasi Malik. Where were you when I was fighting for justice?” she asked.

“Murder comes very easily to them (Maoists). But the ones that pull the trigger are not the only murderers. The people who conspire the killing are equally guilty. This is the law,” she said. “If any subversive act took place even after this, people wouldn’t have forgiven me. If you do not vote for me because of it, don’t. But I ask you, what should I do? Shall I keep silent and watch them unleash terror? Do poor people like Jitu Singh Sardar or Rajen Singh’s elderly father and brother look like class enemies? Criticize me politically. Call me a thief or robber. But do not kill people. Do not play with blood,” she said, triggering a spontaneous uproar.

The CM emphasized that she has not closed the doors for peace. “Any death is painful. I am still hopeful of peace. I want all my brothers and sisters to return to the mainstream. The government will take care of them.” “When I asked police about the Kishanji encounter, I was told that the rebels kept firing even after the forces announced on loudspeakers that they would get all help, including medical attention, if they surrendered. They responded by firing nearly 1,000 rounds. There were innocent villagers there. It would have killed nearly 500 of them. How can I keep silent on this information? Would people ever forgive me,” she asked, pointing out that the government is absolutely transparent on what happened.

CM’s combative self was apparent when she told the Behala crowd that there were “at least three to four people in Behala who are Naxal friends”. “Keep an eye on their activities,” she said.

Courtesy – Times of India