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July 26, 2011

E-governance to speed up tax-returns across West Bengal

E-governance to speed up tax-returns across West Bengal

Kolkata, July 26: The Trinamool-led government took a leap towards creating a tax-payer friendly atmosphere with the launch of e-tax. Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee had earlier made it clear that the present government would lay stress on e-governance. West Bengal Finance Minister Mr. Amit Mitra announced the five methods that will be incorporated to make E-filling and providing convenience in filling their tax returns by just pressing a button.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Mitra said, ` am hopeful that the e-governance will generate enhanced revenue generation through compliance without tinkering with the tax rate. Today even small shopkeepers are computer savvy which will give them an advantage over others`. The e-governance will open new doors and help the government to collect better revenue as now the tax-payers will directly fill their returns through e-filling. `The concept was formulated within 45 days with the help of National Informatics Centre.  Total cost was Rs 69 crore, Union government borne 75% of the expenditure under the part its Mission Mode Project`. 


According to a study the revenue collection during 2010-11 was Rs 13,500 crore shows a growth of 26%. `West Bengal can be ahead of Andhra Pradesh while talking of revenue collection. That day is not away when we can be number one in India and set an example of perfect e-governance to the rest of the states`, smiled Mr. Mitra.   


However, Mr. Mitra made it clear that the e-registration will be made mandatory from August 1. When asked what will be the module for those who are small scale traders and don’t have access to computers. Mr. Mitra said, `Those traders who are not computer savvy can fill their returns across the 151 facilitation centres`. These include many of the odd cyber cafes with whom they have tied up for this purpose. The statistics shows that there are 2.2 lakh sales tax registrations which is growing at 25% each year. “The e-governance will certainly help us to grow at a fast speed and without any hassle, in a more transparent manner”, he added. 


The services that will be available are –

# e-registration and demineralization of registration certificate

# e-return under West Bengal Sales Tax Act, 1984

# e-payment under Industrial Promotion and Assistance Scheme through electronic clearance systems (ECS)

#e-refund of Value Added Tax (VAT) and payment of refund through ECS

# e-submission of option under composition scheme in Form 16.


The new module will benefit nearly 700 small and medium enterprises. Around 200-exporters is expected to benefit from the e-governance.