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July 30, 2011

CM keeps her promises, assures assistance to minority community

CM keeps her promises, assures assistance to minority community

Kolkata, July 30: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday met the people from different minority communities in a programme organized by West Bengal Minority Development & Finance Corporation and assured them that her government will take all possible steps towards meeting her commitments made in the Trinamool Congress manifesto. She reiterated that her government which is hardly two-months old has already taken positive steps in this direction and that she was constantly in talks with various members from the minority communities. Present on this occasion were representatives from Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist community. 

Ms. Banerjee who is also is the Minister for Ministry Affairs greeted all on the occasion of Ramzan starting next month and rendered the famous saying from Kazi Nazrul Islam `Mora eki brinte duti kusum Hindu Musalman, ekjon tar noyon moni aarekjon tar pran` She added, `We shall together walk ahead hand in hand and create the new Bengal`.


`I have deliberately kept the Minority office under me as there has been no positive development over the years and I want to see positive development in this regard`, said Ms. Banerjee while the crowd listened to her being spellbound. She raised the question that why the society would regard the minority communities as neglected and deprived when they are no different from the rest. `I feel there is lack of awareness and to bridge this gap we need education`, she said. Expressing her concern for those students belonging to various minority communities who are unable to continue higher education, she said, `those interested to continue higher studies, may now contact the Minority Welfare Commission and you will get the required assistance`.

She said that Minority department will look into issues regarding overall development across the districts in the state and will  construct 37,300 houses under the Indira Awas Yojna, 7000 Anganwadi centres, 49 schools which will impart Urdu language, 717 health centre. `We on behalf of the Minority Commission will install 6,527 tube wells and 5000 solar lights. We will build three polytechnics in these areas which will provide opportunity for education`, added Ms. Banerjee.  She said that her government has given recognition to nearly 10,000 Madrashas in the state.

Ms. Banerjee said it`s the positive attitude which is required to do any work and she tries to work hard towards meeting the goals she has set for herself. `Aamra choli shobuj pane, ke amader bandhbe, roilo jara pechon pane, kandbe tara kandbe` (We walk with positive attitude, who can stop us, those who are left behind, shall repent for not being part of us), she added. She requested the people not to misunderstand her initiative as she is and will continue to work hard in this direction. `We are committed towards building a society where the minority communities will get full respect which it was deprived in the past`, she added. In her famous style Ms. Banerjee concluded her speech with the famous saying by Allama Iqbal, “Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle, Khuda bande se ye poochche bata teri raza kia hai” (Make yourself confident to an extent that when the judgment day comes the Almighty will ask you your wish).


Immediately, after this meeting Ms. Banerjee went to meet retired Justice Rajinder Sacher who had come from New Delhi purposely to meet the Chief Minister and informed him about the latest development on the minority issues.


Photo credit : Tehelka