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July 13, 2011

Chief Minister initiates peace process in West Midnapore

Kolkata, July 13: On Tuesday Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee had visit Nayagram and Jhargram in West Midnapore and addressed public meetings. Ms. Banerjee had promised the people of West Midnapore that she will return to the Jungle Mahal after she becomes the Chief Minister. 

Ms. Banerjee was seen trying her best to interact with the people and exchanged pleasantries. She made it a point to stop at a number of schools which came on her way and decided to interact with the students and teachers. At Basada SC High School in Nayagram  when a girl students requested her for setting up a hostel in their area Chief Minister was seen taking out her mobile phone and talking to somebody, after completing she turned towards the students and assured that the job will be done. 
The Chief Minister made nearly 40-announcements during her speech and reiterated her stand on bringing the separatists back to mainstream. She urged the people not to be afraid of these separatists groups. However, Ms. Mamata Banerjee during her meetings at Nayagram and Jhargram respectively   conveyed her message loud and clear to these groups and urged them to come back to the mainstream and join the peace process. “I request those groups who are misunderstanding and are staying away from the mainstream to come and sit for talks as we would like to assure them that we want to restore peace in the area”, said Ms. Banerjee.  “If you take up arms, do it out of love for your country,” she added. 
Ms. Banerjee congratulated the local people in the area for expressing their faith in the democratic process and refusing to bow down in front of terror.  “We are indebted to the people who have silenced the voice of terror and taking active part in democratic process. There should be no guns, neither any more bloodshed”, said Ms. Banerjee. She assured the separatists that if they heed to her call then West Bengal government will take care of their families with dignity. 
Most of the packages announced aimed at bringing peace process and development in area of West Midnapore. The packages covered areas like culture, healthcare, sports, employment and tourism:-
Old-age-pension scheme to be raised from rupees 8,809 to 75,000.
Doubling the quantity of rice from once to twice in a week. (Rs 2 per kilogram).
Free bicycles for girls from Class IX to XII. 
235 sec schools to be upgraded.
Three new colleges.
A nursing college.
A Central agricultural university on 1,000 acres in Salboni. 
33 hostels to be set up. 21 for boys and 12 for girls. 
Rs 120 cr for health revamp.
36 primary health centres.
A 30-bed hospital in all the sub-divisions. 10 ambulances, two-mobile health units and 50 motorcycles for           health workers.
Setting up nursing colleges and training centres.
An Anganwadi centres for each block and conducting weekly medical camps.

Recruitment for 10,000 tribals in the National Volunteer Force members, home guards and special                     constables.
Vocational training centres in Jungle Mahal. 
Government to look for land around Jhargram for industry. 
Industrial training institute in Khatra in Bankura.
Nursing school in Jhargram and Lalgarh. 
Night train services to resume. 
Tribal cultural academy in Jhargram.
Jhargram to be revived.
Archery academy at Kharikamathani in Nayagram.
Tourism hubs to develop in Gopiballavpur, Jhargram and Nayagram. 
Ms. Banerjee made it clear that she will herself keep a vigil on the development and implementation of the following packages. She said that she will visit the area after three month and take stock of the progress herself.