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April 21, 2012

Chief Minister interacts with WBCS officers, stresses on three-year-moratorium

Chief Minister interacts with WBCS officers, stresses on three-year-moratorium

“It gives me immense happiness  to be present amongst all of you, I have tried my best to establish a contact with all the administrative officials across the state. I firmly believe in appreciating work and giving recognition, if your work is recognized by the masses and media alike it fills you with a satisfaction.This is the reason why I have decided to work out on a module and award ‘BDO Ratan Awards’ as a mark of recognition for the work done by you. We have therefore decided to monitor your performance from current-fiscal-year and maintain a record, so that we can suggest names next year for the award”, these were the inspiring words of West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee at the Town Hall as she was interacting with the newly elected WBCS-officers on Saturday morning. 

 Speaking on this occasion Chief Minister said, “I congratulate you all for the change that you have brought in the system, which is based on ‘poriborton’ and freshness. I am aware of the fact how difficult it is to gather all heads to reach out to a consensus”. She recalled initial days in the office, “It was very hard to even start working as the last government had ruined everything and to top it all had left a huge debt for the new government”. Ms. Banerjee said that paying debt is not easy since all the earning is spent to repay the loan, “I have been watching the situation closely, I kept my patience as that is called for but after one-year of perseverance I am compelled to say that we cannot pay this amount and that too of no fault of ours, I strongly suggest we should be given a three-years-moratorium, we cannot pay whatever we earn”,  However, she maintained that her government has accepted all the challenges and have tried to do  best for the masses. She said  within this short span of time in the government, she has made a deliberate attempt to maintain an interaction with all the District magistrates (DM), Block development Officers (BDO) and other administrative officials. “I have tried to meet all the administrative officials excepting Murshidabad which has been totally left aside due to the exams etc but since now the exams are over, I am planning to wind it up soon”, said Ms. Banerjee.  

  “I suggest that incentives and prizes be awarded for commendable work. I recall some representatives approaching me to increase the number of WBCS officer’s participation in the government, we have decided to create eight-new-secretary posts. Apart from that I accept the requests and plan to give independent charges to some of the Special Secretaries, I have the privilege of working with some of the finest Special Secretaries and I consider myself fortunate”, said Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Concerned over the lack of manpower at the middle-level and referring to the grievance of the WBCS officers that inspite of working over 16-long-years they are not promoted to deputy-secretary-level and are required to put four-more-years. She said, “I agree and therefore we have decided to keep 16-years for Officer On Special Duty (OSD) and make eight-years in case of assistant -deputy-secretary and decreasing the age-limit by eight-years. She also mentioned that it will be seen that that the posting in the departments will not hamper the family life or education of children. 

Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee warned those trying to malign the working of the government to stay from this practice, “I am proud of my officers, it is due to their hard-work that we are able to bring such ‘Poribartan’. I warn those indulging in anti-campaigning as this government is of Maa, Mati, Manush and I will not tolerate anybody maligning the sentiments. We in Bengali say ‘baro-mashey-tero-parbon’ but I feel proud to say that this government has changed the saying and made ‘egaro-mashey-haajaar-unoyon’, I am proud of you all”. Quoting the famous lines from Rabindranath Tagore, ‘prano bhoriye, trisha horiye……’ and ‘tumi nobo nobo rupe esho pran e…esho dukhhe shukhe esho morme…’, she retreated that there is a need to work with all dedication as masses expect a lot from them.

Adding a personal touch before winding-up her speech Ms. Banerjee paused a while and spotted a few young officers in the crowd and exchanged greetings. “I want you safe as only then you will be able to perform better, please take adequate rest. We have made a little arrangement so please do not leave without having some snacks, make sure you drink adequate water since it is too hot outside, I want you all safe and sound”, said Ms. Mamata Banerjee.