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April 13, 2012

Chief Minister inaugurates a series of projects in Durgapur and Bankura

Chief Minister inaugurates a series of projects in Durgapur and Bankura

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated a series of programmes and projects in Durgapur and Bankura. Speaking on this occasions Chief Minister referring to the misrule of the Left Front said, “If you could not do anything in terms of development during the past 34-years in the state then better keep quiet, I will not say anything but I will not tolerate any negative campaign against the development that we are initiating across the state. We are trying to develop Bengal and take the state ahead, believe me it is an upheaval task and we are having a tough time but I am committed towards the goal”.  Ms. Mamata Banerjee assured the people that nothing will deter her from her commitment and they will see a new Bengal emerging. “I tell you that just working with a fat salary is not enough even those involved with creative work are equally important and I have great regard for artisans”, said Chief Minister trying to explain that creative work needs to be given all the respect.  Chief Minister was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of Durgapur and Bankura district of West Bengal.    

“I want my artisan brothers and sisters to flourish and I can tell you that today there is immense opportunity for them, I accept that initially there will teething problems and you may have to struggle for a year but after that I promise you that there will be no looking back. Today, all over the globe people are developing the fondness and prefer to buy artefacts made by village artisans. I feel even a small artefact made by you can give our rooms a different look and this is the beauty of hand-made-artifacts”,   these were the inspiring opening words of the West Bengal Chief Minster Ms. Mamata Banerjee  who was in Durgapur to attend the inauguration of the Durgapur Haat. Speaking to the artisans she said, the day s have changed and people are re-exploring the feel of the village art and her government will do whatever possible to assist the artisans. “We will give you all the financial assistance as you are important and if you have a better living standards then will be able to produce better”, added Ms. Banerjee who were all praises for the artisans. She further said, “There was a time when hand-made art was seen and preserved in the household. I reminds me of a incident when I was shown a hand-made bag and I immediately told that these were something which we have doing during childhood and I was happy to see that old art forms are reviving”, she added.

Chief Minister reached Borjora in Bankura district to attend a programme of railways and flagged off a train. “I have come to Bankura and will come gain, I have many projects for you and we will make the place more beautiful. Today we have inaugurated three-Kisan-mandi in the region and I can assure you that there will be many more in the coming days. Apart from that today, we are giving Kisan Credit Cards to candidates and I am sure this will be able to help farmers to live a better life”, said Chief Minister. She announced a series of positive initiatives for the betterment of Bankura.  She said that another biggest milestone achieved was the introduction of online-certificates, “This is a big leap as previous government used to issue certificates not before six-month but we have been able to initiate a new module and give away certificates within a month”. However, she accepted, “Initially, you may find difficulties in using this procedure as all of you are not conversant with technology. I will advise you to get in touch with people in community centre who can guide you”.  Chief Minister said that she is committed to the development and nothing will stop her from developing Bengal, “Don’t waste time in unproductive activities, you have energy in abundance within yourself. Try to use the energy more and more in positive activities. I want you to keep faith on me. I assure you that all of you will find an employment opportunity in this state itself and I will not let you to move away”. Ms. Banerjee quoting from the famous verses of Rabindranath Tagore “prano bhoriye, trisha horiye, aro aro aro dao pran, prano bhoriye…” said, “Think more in the interest of the people, I have nothing to lose as I have nothing to hold me back as I lost my mother too with whom I had the biggest bonding. I have dedicated my entire life to Maa, Mati, Manush and I will continue working for the development of masses”. 

Chief Minister earlier in the day attended a special programme to lay foundation-stone of a medical and nursing college in Durgapur. Speaking on this occasion Ms. Banerjee said, “I want more and more medical colleges to come up as we need more doctors and nursing staffs and such institutions will prepare many such candidates in future. Inspiring the students on this occasion she said, “Please take full advantage of the technology as the future is looking up to you and Bengal needs you. Remember today you have all the resources and need is to exploit”. Chief Minister in her special style greeted all a very happy and prosperous Baisakhi, “I am told that the Baisakhi this year is celebrated tomorrow which is usually celebrated today, this shows both Punjab and Bengal are together. I am sure we will together walk ahead and take the state on development platform”.