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April 10, 2012

Chief Minister attends Minorities Dept. programme; gives away scholarship to 75,000 students

Chief Minister attends Minorities Dept. programme; gives away scholarship to 75,000 students

`I welcome all. I really feel bad for making you stand under the scorching heat as I know how uncomfortable it is to stand in this hot weather and sweat. This is the reason why we decided to hold the programme a little early. The schedule was 2 pm but by that time it would be too hot outside. Though, I know in summer we all have to beat the heat and that it provides Vitamin-D and we cannot run away from it but at the same time we have to take adequate protection too`, these were the opening words of the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who was speaking at a special programme organized by the Minority Affairs & Madrasa Education department at the Vidyasagar Stadium in Barasat. However, Ms. Banerjee further added, `I will not make a long speech as I don’t want you to fall sick standing in the sun, also I will have to leave for Delhi shortly`. On hearing that Chief Minister would pass through their district, a large number of school children gathered on both sides of the roads to have a glimpse of their favourite `Didi`. Ms. Mamata Banerjee too reciprocated their gesture by stopping her car and greeting them, she got down from her car and spending some time with the children. Later the convoy left for Barasat.  

Speaking on this occasion Ms. Mamata Banerjee said her foremost concern was Maa, Mati, Manush and she would do everything for the development in the state. Addressing the gathering she said, `I am committed towards the development in the state. I want my brothers and sisters to become self-independent and successful in life and the only way is through education, only education will make you successful in whatever you do and prepare a confident new generation`.  Reiterating her party stand she said her government has increased the number of candidates those who will receive scholarship and education-loans to 75,000 students. Previously the number was 52,900 students. `We have selected 75,000 students on this occasion, I would like request you all to collect the scholarship and keep moving as I don’t want you to fall sick in this scorching heat`, said Ms. Banerjee. 

Ms. Mamata Banerjee said that the state was going through a severe financial crunch since the previous government has left an empty-coffer and the government is paying all it’s earning in re-paying the loan. `The earning of the government is 21,000-crore-rupees inclusive of everything and we have to pay 22,000-crore-rupees towards interests. I will explain to you, suppose you earn 1000-rupees and re-pay a loan of 1001-rupees towards interest, how will you manage. This is exactly the situation we are facing`, added Ms. Banerjee. “Still I am trying my utmost to develop the state and I assure you that I will not run away, I am committed towards development in Bengal. There will be no dearth of initiatives to take Bengal ahead.

Chief Minister said that there was a great need to recognize and respect division of labour, “We can not repair mechanical things on our own, and may be we can manage some but we need an expert when the fault is complicate because the person is trained. Similarly, I feel there should be an ‘Employment Bank’ where candidates can register their names and this bank would preserve a data of the candidates who will be informed when there will be a vacancy in his or her specified field”. The Chief Minister said that this will not only make thing simplified but will also enable the government to maintain a data base of professionals

`I know it is a difficult preposition to go to Kolkata every time you need something and to put an end to this harassment we have decided to open a minority office in every district, I am sure this will ease the burden to a great extent. I would also like to tell you that I have directed the Minority office to make the Visa and passport norms simple and manual as the recent introduction of online structure was bit confusing for many of you`, said Ms. Banerjee. However, she also advised those interested to visit the Haj to hurry up, `There is not much time left for the formalities to be completed, all I can tell you is to hurry up and visit the nearest Minority office`. The new office in North 24-parganas will be beneficiary in this regard.  

Chief Minister expressed her concern over the poor-state of the stadium and sports in the districts. The Chief Minister said that she has already asked the Sports Minister Mr. Madan Mitra to look into these stadiums and take adequate measures, “I have requested Member of Parliament Dr. Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar and Haji Nurul Islam to contribute one-crore-rupees for the cause from their MP Lad. Similarly, I would like to request the MLAs to deposit five-lakh-rupees in the office of the District Magistrates as a token money which can be later utilized for development purpose. `We have decided to construct stadiums at Haroa, north 24 Parganas and Thakurnagar, north 24 Parganas. Apart from these two we will have a total revamping of the Barasat Stadium`, Chief Minister added. She also renamed four-stands in the Vidyasagar Stadium on the name of renowned personalities.

Chief Minister assured the people that she would be coming to Barasat within a fortnight when she will give away Kisan-Credit-Cards to farmers. `We were unable to carry out these works since there was a restriction on using public address system due to the ongoing exams but now since the exams are over we will complete our pending projects and to do this I will back among you shortly`, said Ms. Banerjee.