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April 20, 2012

Chief Minister addresses doctors, discusses working of health department

Chief Minister addresses doctors, discusses working of health department


West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on Friday (April 20, 2012) convened a meeting of the Progressive Doctor’s Forum at the Town Hall. During this long-programme, the Chief Minister interacted with a huge gathering from the medical fraternity. Ms. Mamata Banerjee recalled her meeting with the doctors and nurses at Town hall and said she had attended two-meetings after taking over the office but could not give more time owing to her hectic schedule but assured the gathering that she would like to have more interactions with them to know their problems and confusions. “I will try to make it more and meet you all as I want the health department to work positive by forgetting colours and shades”, said Ms. Banerjee.  



“No matter how developed the medical science gets, I consider there is no comparison to a cordial behavior from doctor towards his or her patients as this works miracles. Please realize this and always be humane. This costs nothing but gives you a lot of blessings”, were the inspiring words of the Chief Minister.



Ms. Mamata Banerjee told the doctors that all the doctors working in the health department should get an equal opportunities, “We have already recruited a large number of doctors and will continue with the process. I am aware of the fact that we need man-power. I want each and every doctor working in health department to get equal opportunity to work in medical centres and hospitals”, said Ms. Banerjee who reiterated saying that fresh doctors straight out of medical colleges must go to districts and stay there for three-year. “I want you to serve in districts as being a fresher you need to gain experience initially and what else than a district posting can offer you to as a training and transform you into a better doctor, you will learn from regular challenges which will serve as a grooming. Please remember that you are in a noble profession and people who come to you regard you as God and medical centre no less than a Temple, Mosque or Gurudwara”. However, she assured the doctors that she was aware of the practical issues and would be happy to discuss them if they were willing to discuss their problems with her.  


Speaking on this occasion, Chief Minister referring to some isolated instances of doctors unable to meet their representatives in the office advised them to especially those coming from far-off-districts to call before coming as the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) could be busy with some pre-occupation. Ms. Banerjee apprising doctors over the working in these-months said, “Many of you are aware while some of you may not know what we have been doing to improve the health sector. Initially when I took over the office, I was in a spate of shock as the Left Front had done nothing but ruined the total infrastructure. There were no doctors and hospitals had just one-doctor to run the entire working. The previous government did not do anything to improve the man-power-crisis especially there such a huge numbers of unemployed”. Expressing her inability to shade out money in all spheres she said, “I hate to say this everyday but I am compelled to tell you that if the earning is state is 21,000-crore-rupees and have to pay an interest of 22,000-crore-rupees then how will I use the money to develop my state but then this what I have inherited from my predecessors in the government”.


In her unique style the Chief Minister in between her speech paused, “I will like to take up questions from you and want to know what you expect from me” and decided to throw the house open, she gave a patient hearing  and took up the questions. “I have understood the issue but will request you to write down your queries and confusion in a piece of paper to Nirmal (Dr. Nirmal Majhi) and he will convey the same to me”. Ms. Banerjee said that she wanted the health department to work afresh and forget what and how it had been functioning. “I want all to get equal opportunity, I want to assure you all that this government is transparent and we are responsible to our people. I only want dedication from you”, said Ms. Mamata Banerjee. “I don’t want a re-occurance of the past experiences and want you all to work with utter dedication. I am keeping a written record of all the doctors and the best will be rewarded”, added Ms. Banerjee.  


“I know you all are very important people and have a busy schedule, I assure you some other day we will sit across with all the issues and discuss at length”, smiled Ms. Banerjee who did not forget to mention that that the visitors should not leave without having sweets and snacks.