Rajya Sabha

November 26, 2014

Sukhendu Shekhar Ray speaks on the Motion regarding the 13th Report of the Committee on Rules | Transcript

Sir, in support of the motion moved by the Hon’ble Deputy Chairman General, I would like to add a few sentences.

It is true that the matter was discussed in the General Purposes Committee a few months back; I was a member of that committee and I remember a majority of the political parties were represented there and the unanimous view was that these changes should be affected as proposed. Thereafter it was taken up by the Rules Committee; there also I was a member, and all the members present in the Rules Committee they unanimously accepted the changes.

My submission to all who have expressed their concern that, we should not be apprehensive of the changes that are proposed to be made. My party’s concern is that the people outside are watching us every day, every morning. Crores of rupees are being spent on the proceedings of the Parliament. And days in and days out the way we behave, the way we disrupt the proceedings it has not been taken kindly by the people at large.

Therefore, my humble submission to all honourable members of this house is to accept the changes and don’t be apprehensive. Let us see what happens if there at all, there is no improvement in the near future then certainly the house has arrived to reconsider and redo. That’s all. Thank you.