Rajya Sabha

November 27, 2014

Derek O’Brien raises the issue of restructuring TRAI during Question Hour | Transcript

Sir, the slogans apart, the Minister talks about Universal Digital Literacy without any specific timeline. They have been in power for only 6 months now, so we won’t get into timelines. But I have a specific question to ask which goes beyond this.

Today the TRAI regulates the infrastructure. The TRAI, the same authority, regulates the content. The TRAI, the same authority, regulates the I&B, which is the media. So to reflect a more practical situation which is on the ground, will the Government consider at least restructuring or beginning discussions to restructure these into two independent regulatory bodies – one which look after infrastructure i.e. technology and telecom, and the second one which looks after content i.e. the media?

This is my question, Sir. Because, Sir, there is a differentiation between technology and the content.