Start preparing for 2016 elections from now: Mamata Banerjee at 21 July rally

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee addressed probably the biggest ever rally on the occasion of 21 July Sahid Divas at Dharmatala today.

The Party Chairperson stressed on the forthcoming assembly elections in 2016 and urged the activists to work unitedly. She said that Maa Mati Manush are the biggest pillars of 21 July Sahid Divas. The party Chairperson said that youth, women, struggle, development, progress symbolise 21 July, which was a black day for democracy under CPM rule.

On communalism and divisive politics

The Trinamool Chairperson said that some people are spreading canards and poison of communalism and Trinamool does not support them.

“Bengal cannot be divided, Hindu-Muslim-Christian-Sikh-Buddhist-Jains all are our brothers and sisters,” she said. “An eye for an eye, a riot for a riot is not our ideology, loving people across all lines is our policy,” the party Chairperson added. She slammed the Centre for humiliating Bengal and said people will teach them a lesson.


ekushe 1

Mamata Banerjee arrives at Dharmatala


On opposition parties

The AITC Chairperson said that for 34 years, CPM was blind to people’s sufferings and deaf to the cries of poor.

“Congress-CPM-BJP are engaged in malicious campaign of lies and have no ideology in Bengal, they are like Ha Ja Ba Ra La (nonsense),” the party Chairperson said. She added that the Congress-BJP-CPM are all same and people will defeat their ideology.

She said that Trinamool’s struggle is against negligence by the Centre and the politics of hatred and communalism. “Trinamool Congress is not afraid of agencies and will not bow its heads before Centre,” she said.

The AITC Chairperson said that Trinamool did not relent before CPM and will not be scared by the ideology of hate and intolerance of the party at Centre. “Trinamool Congress does not fear any power and even if CPM-BJP-Congress unites in 2016, people will shower their blessings on TMC,” she said.

She also added that CPM will lose whatever little (seats) they have.


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Mamata Banerjee addressing the crowd at Dharmatala


On Development of Bengal

  • The Trinamool Government has given scholarships to 82 lakh students, have opened new colleges and universities
  • We have started marketing hubs, fair price medicine shops and has made hospital beds free
  • Our Government has started Sikkhashree scheme for SC students and have been giving rice at Rs 2/kg to people of Jangalmahal
  • 3.2 crore people in the State get rice at Rs 2/kg now in Bengal and by next year 3 crore more will be covered
  • Already 22 lakh girls are registered under Kanyashree scheme and 2 lakh more will registered on 14 August, Kanyashree Divas
  • From the UNICEF to the World Bank and UNESCO – Everyone is honouring Bengal’s schemes
  • Though the Centre is doing publicity for Swachh Bharat, Bengal’s Nadia district shows the way in action. Nadia is the best district in India in cleanliness scheme while Hooghly is second and Birbhum is fourth
  • Centre has started Beti Padhao scheme but have allotted only Rs 100 Cr while Bengal allotted Rs 1000 Cr for Kanyashree
  • The State Government has increased the number of medical seats in Bengal as well as the number of hospital beds
  • The fair price medicine shops, which offer up to 70% discount, are models for entire country
  • 350 SNSUs and SNCUs, 13 universities and 45 colleges have been set up in the State
  • The small scale sector has already generated 47 lakh jobs and 23 lakh jobs will be created in the next 2 years. 70000 teachers will be recruited soon
  • 41 multi super speciality hospitals are coming up in Bengal
  • Tanti Sathi, a project for weavers, has been started
  • The Government has started 731 days of child care leave for women employees of educational institutes, panchayats and municipalities


mamata 21she july

Didi waving at people

On organisational work

The Chairperson reiterated that she has no affinity for power and that she is here for people. She urged the party activists to strengthen the organization and to stand by the people.

She said that there is no place for self-centredness in Trinamool Congress and no place for syndicates, illegal mining in the party. “We are a party of the poor and want to stay like that,” she said.

Trinamool will be fighting alone and will win in the 2016 Vidhan Sabha elections, the Chairperson added. She urged all workers to start preparing for 2016 elections from now and asked the party activists to reach out to people.

Workers’ workshops will begin in every block after festive season, she informed.

“Trinamool Congress is like a joint family and we will continue to work for the people, she said. We are party of Maa Mati Manush, our grassroots workers are our strength, not our leaders,” she added before concluding her speech.

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Thousands of people listen eagerly as Didi speaks


Agnikanya Mamata Banerjee would remain an example all over the country: Abhishek

Trinamool Youth Congress President and MP Abhishek Banerjee addressed a rally organised by the south Kolkata Trinamool youth Congress at Hazra on Sunday in preparation for the Trinamool Congress’ annual Ekushe July Saheed Divas in Dharmatallah in memory of 13 Youth Congress activists who were killed in police firing on 21 July, 1993 during a law violation programme in the city.

The Youth Congress leader lashed out at the opposition and the media for what he called hatching a conspiracy against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee by “belittling” her performances in last four and a half years.

Listing the Trinamool Congress Government’s achievements, Abhishek said “the immense” contribution made by the West Bengal Chief Minister “for which the people of Bengal fondly call her the Agnikanya”, would remain an example all over the country, particularly her initiative to resolve the crises in Janmgalmahal and in Darjeeling hills, besides the innumerable developmental projects undertaken by her government.

Abhishek said he would not hesitate to praise the Trinamool Congress Chairperson considering her “selfless sacrifice to the cause of the people and exemplary courage, now-adays a rare quality among the politicians”.

Coming down heavily against the media, as also the CPI-M, BJP and Congress, he said “a conspiracy” was hatched against Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress, but hastened to add that the “war against the people will not pay”. “I find that the media and the opposition have waged a war on the Chief Minister who stands for the people and whose life is dedicated to the cause of the people.No use waging such a war against the people,” he warned.

The TMYC leader took a dig at those political leaders “who have no other job but to criticise the Chief Minister and find fault with her government only in the TV screen”, and said “I would like to ask these politicians to be answerable to the people for the job they are doing for the masses”. Recalling the contribution of Mamata in ensuring introduction of photo identity cards to voters, he said “May I ask if the opposition friends are aware of this?”

Sunday’s rally was attended by All-India Trinamool Congress Secretary-General Partha Chatterjee, Kolkata Mayor Sobhan Chatterjee, Trinamool Chief Whip in Assembly Sobhandeb Chatterjee, Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim, Trinamool President Subrata Bakshi, among party’s south Kolkata district leaders.

Will win all assembly seats from Purulia in 2016: Abhishek Banerjee

Trinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee held a mass meeting at Para in Purulia district. The rally was a curtain raiser for the 21st July Saheed Divas commemoration. He has been holding such meetings all over the state from North Bengal to South Bengal.

The young MP and the firebrand leader from Trinamool Congress, who is heading the youth wing of the party said that Trinamool Congrss will win all the 9 assembly seats from Purulia in the coming 2016 Assembly election. He said that the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee has been beside the people of Bengal, from the hills to the Jangalmahal. People can never forget her dedication, he said.

State minister Shantiram Mahato and MPs Sandhya Roy and Mriganko Mahato and other Trinamool leaders were also present in the meeting.

We will answer all attempts of slander on Ekushe July: Abhishek Banerjee

Trinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee addressed a mass rally yesterday at Dakshin Barasat Football Ground, Joynagar which was a curtain raiser for the 21st July Saheed Divas commemoration calling for a more stronger resistance to the collective slander campaign by the opposition parties. “CPM-Congress-BJP are trying to take on Trinamool with their informal coalition. They have nothing to say against each other but are busy instigating violence between Hindus and Muslims. We will not let them succeed in their ill actions. The people are with us”, he said.

The Trinamool Youth Congress President said, “We will answer all attempts of slander on the 21st of July. We will begin our fight from the stage of ‘Ekushe july’. The slander against the party and the Government is increasing every day. But just as the slander is increasing, the support of the people in the party’s favour is also increasing. Our victory in the Panchayat, Lok Sabha and Municipal elections is a proof of that.”

Those present at the mass rally were AITC secretary general Partha Chatterjee, district president Sovan Chatterjee, MP Pratima Mondal, Dy Speaker Sonali Guha among others.

TMYC President Abishek Banerjee to address a rally at Nadia today

Trinamool Youth Congress President and Lok Sabha MP Abhishek Banerjee will hold a mass rally at Ranaghat Friends Club Ground at 2 PM in Nadia today.

The meeting is a part of his district visits ahead of the 21 July Saheed Divas rally. He had earlier started the district campaign with a mass meeting at Basirhat in North 24 Parganas.

The Youth Congress President will hold another rally at Baharampur on June 26. He will be holding similar rallies at Bardhaman, Purulia, Kushmandi, Panshkura, Jainagar, Howrah and Kolkata.

More than one lakh activists to attend 21 July rally from North 24 Prgs: Abhishek Banerjee

Trinamool Youth Congress and AITC MP Abhishek Banerjee addressed a huge mass meeting at the Basirhat College Ground in North 24 Parganas on Monday. The meeting is a part of a series of curtain raiser for the main event, 21 July Saheed Divas. Abhishek will hold more than 12 such mass meetings at different points of the State.

More than one lakh people from the district of North 24 Parganas will participate on the Saheed Divas on July 21, 2015, he said.

The AITC Youth Congress President, while comparing the past Left Government with the present Trinamool Congress Government said that the years prior to 2011 were marked with incidents of violence and terror while post 2011, Bengal has seen projects like Kanyashree and Yuvashree. He said that in terms of developmental works, the present Trinamool Government is way ahead of the past Left Government or even the present Government at the Centre.

Abhishek Banerjee to begin district tours today in the run up to 21 July rally

Trinamool Youth Congress President and Lok Sabha MP Abhishek Banerjee will start visiting the districts from today campaigning for the participation of people across the State for the Shahid Divas rally on 21 July.

The Trinamool Youth Congress President will be holding rallies in different parts of South Bengal from Kolkata to Murshidabad.

Today, he will be holding a rally on the grounds of Basirhat College in North 24 Parganas, from 2 PM onwards.

On 24 June he will hold a rally at Ranaghat in Nadia and on June 26, he will hold another rally at Baharampur. He will be holding similar rallies at Bardhaman, Purulia, Kushmandi, Panshkura, Jainagar, Howrah and Kolkata.