‘Smart’ kiosks in Bidhannagar for citizens

In a ‘smart’ move, the Bidhannagar municipal corporation on Saturday opened a kiosk at the Mayor’s ward office in Salt Lake where residents will be able to contact him as well as the municipal commissioner through video-conferencing, submit building plans for sanction and pay their property taxes.

The civic authorities plan to introduce a smart card for all households of the township with in the next three months, using which residents will be able to know everything about municipal service and property taxes and pay the taxes through a common portal set up at the kiosk.

The next such smart kiosk will be opened at the City Centre mall and subsequently , at all the ward offices in Salt Lake.

As part of the initiative, the officials recently put up a 10 km canvas across the township, inviting residents to write or draw their suggestions to develop Salt Lake into a Smart City; it has been holding seminars for citizens and distributing feedback forms to homes, asking for their suggestions.


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Mamata Banerjee meets newly elected councillors, announces names of Mayor

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today met all the new councillors at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra.

The winning councillors were directed by party All India General Secretary Subrata Bakshi to attend the programme.

Trinamool has emerged victorious in the controversy-ridden October 3 polls with a significantly increased vote-share.

The party won all 16 seats in Bally with a vote share of 76%. At Bidhannagar, Trinamool won 37 out of 41 seats securing a vote share of 62%. In Asansol, the party won 46% votes, winning 74 out of 106 wards.

Mamata Banerjee announced that Sabyasachi Datta would be the Mayor of Bidhannagar while Jitendra Tewary would be the Mayor of Asansol.

TMC sweeps civic polls, victory of development over disruptive politics says party

The Trinamool Congress made a clean sweep of the three civic bodies, including the high profile Bidhannagar-Rajarhat municipal corporation, the Asansol municipal corporation and the Bally-Howrah municipal corporation – the results for which were declared today.

The victories reiterate the Trinamool Congress’ continuing hold over urban electorate. The scale and margin of the victories were some indication that the opposition political space has shrunk to a great extent and the Trinamool Congress’s supremacy was still unchallenged – four and half years after it had come to power in 2011. The state goes for the assembly elections middle of 2016.

Final Tally:

Bidhannagar – TMC wins in 37 out of 41 wards

Asansol – TMC wins in 75 out of 106 wards

Bally – TMC wins in all 16 wards


Vote Share:

Bidhannagar – 62%

Asansol – 46%

Bally – 75%


Reaction of Partha Chatterjee on today’s verdict:

  • The civil society and people at large have reposed their faith on Trinamool in the Corporation Election
  • We are thankful to the people for placing their trust on TMC. Our responsibilities have increased now
  • People have democratically rejected the politics of disruption, violence and bandhs. They have voted for development
  • People have witnessed widespread development in the last four years. Support for Mamata Banerjee is surging


Reaction of Subrata Mukherjee on today’s verdict:

  • People have not forgotten anarchy, violence & misrule of 34 years. They have given a reply in today’s polls
  • Today’s victory is a historic one. This shows people across all sections of society support Mamata Banerjee
  • There cannot be politics without people. Opposition leaders can only be seen in TV studios

Opposition engaging in undemocratic acts due to fear of losing: Partha Chatterjee

Condemning the incidents of violence against the media, Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee today said that the Chief Minister is inquiring into those incidents.

“The work of media is to gather news. They have to do it,” he said. He said that people gave Trinamool the responsibility to run the State and as ruling party they do not endorse violence.

“The Opposition has no public support. Their actions in recent past are anti-democracy. Mamata Banerjee is working tirelessly for the all-round development of the State. People have faith in her,” he added.

“Those who have been rejected by the people are trying to become heroes in front of the camera. People will give a fitting reply,” Partha Chatterjee said.

The elections for Bidhannagar-Rajarhat Municipal Corporation, Asansol Municipal Corporation, bypoll for Howrah Municipal election at Bally and Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad elections were held today.

Polling percentage till 3 PM:

Bidhannagar: 60%
Asansol: 56%
Bally: 53.2%
Siliguri: 59%

AITC declares candidate lists for Municipal elections in Bidhannagar, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad

Trinamool Congress released the list of names of the candidates for Bidhannagar and Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad election on Wednesday.
Names of the 41 seats for the Bidhannagar -Rajarhat Corporation were declared which includes names of Krishna Chakraborty, Sabyasachi Dutta and Banibrata Banerjee.
The Darjeeling district Trinamool Congress leadership on Wednesday announced the names of candidates contesting the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad (SMP) polls in all the nine seats. The post of Sabhadhipati is reserved for an SC candidate.

The elections to the two corporations, Asansol and Bidhannagar, bypolls to the 16 wards of the Bally municipality – now merged with the Howrah Municipal Corporation – and the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad elections would be held on October 3

 The results would be declared on October 7.

Urban Development – Trinamool performing much better than previous govt

In four years, the Trinamool Congress Government has achieved much more than what any of the previous government could in comparable periods of time.

The Left Front Government, during its last financial year, 2010-11, spent Rs 866 crore. The new Trinamool Government during its first financial year, 2011-12, hiked the amount by 30.25% to Rs 1128 crore.

This amount has continuously increased over the past four years, to Rs 1690 crore in 2014-15 (an increase by 82% over the last year of the Left Front), to make a total spend of Rs 5559 crore over the first four years for the Trinamool Government.

Compare this to Rs 3327 crore, the amount spent by the Left Front Government over its last four years, an increase by almost 70%. This amount has been further increased in the 2015-16 Budget to Rs 1895 crore.

It is quite apparent that the Trinamool Government has continuously spent much more for urban development in the State.


Municipal development – Trinamool is way ahead

Similarly comparing the last four years of the Left Front to the first four of the Trinamool, the comparable amounts are Rs 3204 crore and Rs 4908 crore, an increase by more than 53%.

The budget for municipal development in 2015-16 has kept at Rs 2466 crore, which more than 130% that of the Left Front’s last year in power (2010-11).

Among other things, the Trinamool Government has spent the money on drinking water projects, housing for the urban poor, urban beautification, sewerage system and social development funds.


Completed projects of the Trinamool Government

 A. Projects completed by the Trinamool Government in its first three years only (2011-12 to 2013-14) all over West Bengal

  • 16,000 housing units for the urban poor completed; 11,000 more units are on their way to completion
  • Street lamps have been set up in 52 municipalities
  • Professional training to 1,05,000 jobless youth
  • Through e-governance plan, in 73 municipalities, computerised birth and death certificates, trade licenses, and, in some municipalities, building plans too
  • State-of-the-art tannery in Tangra in Kolkata Municipal Corporation area
  • Compactor stations for scientific garbage disposal in Kolkata and other places


B. Projects in 2014-15

  • Nazrul Tirtha in New Town, Kolkata (Rs 45.7 crore)
  • Eco Island, as a part of Phase 3 of Eco Tourism Park (Rs 6.67 crore)
  • Underpasses (Rs 4.75 crore)
  • Third bridge over the Bagjola Canal (Rs 6.03 crore)
  • Water supply project in Baruipur municipality (Rs 14.47 crore)
  • 25 million gallons per day (MGD) capacity water purification plant in Geonkhali
  • Completion of Satish Samanta Haldia Trade Centre in Raichak


C. Significant projects undertaken during the last financial year to be continued in the next FY 2015-16

  • Ten community markets and solar city in New Town Kolkata Development Authority area
  • Granting 129 acres to Sriniketan-Santiniketan Development Authority for building a Smart Township in Bolpur
  • Taking up a Rs 300.79-crore project of constructing a giant Ferris wheel for tourists at Millenium Park in Kolkata, in collaboration with a British company (for building the giant wheel) and Kolkata Port Trust
  • As per a new urban development policy, exhorting real estate developers to build projects for the economically disadvantaged
  • Municipal solid waste management projects in six municipalities of Hooghly district
  • Municipal waste water treatment projects in Barrackpore, Uttarpara-Kotrang and Khardaha municipalities
  • Fifty-bed shelters for the homeless in 10 cities
  • Increasing the ambit of e-governance

TMC releases manifesto for Siliguri Municipal Corporation election

With the election to the Siliguri Municipal Corporation scheduled for 25 April, 2015, Trinamool Congress on Friday released the party’s manifesto outlining its goals and mission for the city. The manifesto – which was released in the presence of Gautam Deb, Darjeeling district president of Trinamool – has been drafted keeping in mind the need of the citizens and their well being.

The issues covered in the manifesto include clean water, land distribution, public health, development of backward areas, and improvement of infrastructure and schemes for people living below the poverty line.

In the manifesto, TMC has vowed to address the drinking water crisis in the area with top priority. A proposal to start Rs 312 crore water project to provide fresh drinking water to the people is in the pipeline.

The manifesto also talked about building overbridges, providing health insurance cover to people, distributing land pattas among other things. The slum areas will be developed and will be provided with free clean drinking water.

WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee has always stressed on beautification; the manifesto also talked about the development and beautification of at least one public park in every ward. The manifesto also proposes to modernise the solid waste management system as well as the underground sewerage and drainage system.

The manifesto was drafted after receiving inputs from common people, experts and party officials. Trinamool is committed towards building a better Siliguri.

Bengal becomes a model for pollution control by setting up electric crematoriums on Ganges banks


Bengal is being taken as a model in the field of pollution control by installing electricity operated crematoriums at burning ghats. Most of the burning ghats are on the banks of Ganges or other rivers.  The already tops in executing the clean Ganga mission schemes among the five states through which the Ganges flows.

The municipalities or municipal corporations in the State that maintains towns on the banks of Ganges are discarding cremation process through wood and will sole operate through electricity controlled measures.

The State has already sent names of 10 municipalities for clearance from the Central Government.

West Bengal now has electricity operated crematoriums functioning at Howrah, Nimtala, Maheshtala, Hooghly-Chinsurah and Halishahar, all of which are on the banks of the Ganges.

The crematoriums will be renovated with anti-pollution devices and the numbers of chambers in the crematoriums will also be increased.