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October 10, 2015

TMC sweeps civic polls, victory of development over disruptive politics says party

TMC sweeps civic polls, victory of development over disruptive politics says party

The Trinamool Congress made a clean sweep of the three civic bodies, including the high profile Bidhannagar-Rajarhat municipal corporation, the Asansol municipal corporation and the Bally-Howrah municipal corporation – the results for which were declared today.

The victories reiterate the Trinamool Congress’ continuing hold over urban electorate. The scale and margin of the victories were some indication that the opposition political space has shrunk to a great extent and the Trinamool Congress’s supremacy was still unchallenged – four and half years after it had come to power in 2011. The state goes for the assembly elections middle of 2016.

Final Tally:

Bidhannagar – TMC wins in 37 out of 41 wards

Asansol – TMC wins in 75 out of 106 wards

Bally – TMC wins in all 16 wards


Vote Share:

Bidhannagar – 62%

Asansol – 46%

Bally – 75%


Reaction of Partha Chatterjee on today’s verdict:

  • The civil society and people at large have reposed their faith on Trinamool in the Corporation Election
  • We are thankful to the people for placing their trust on TMC. Our responsibilities have increased now
  • People have democratically rejected the politics of disruption, violence and bandhs. They have voted for development
  • People have witnessed widespread development in the last four years. Support for Mamata Banerjee is surging


Reaction of Subrata Mukherjee on today’s verdict:

  • People have not forgotten anarchy, violence & misrule of 34 years. They have given a reply in today’s polls
  • Today’s victory is a historic one. This shows people across all sections of society support Mamata Banerjee
  • There cannot be politics without people. Opposition leaders can only be seen in TV studios