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October 8, 2015

Didi’s trekking diplomacy

Didi’s trekking diplomacy

Agnivo Niyogi | Thimphu

On the penultimate day of her Bhutan trip, West Bengal Chief Minister won hearts in the hill-nation with her trekking-diplomacy.

Accompanied the Indian Ambassador to Bhutan, officials of Indian Embassy and delegates of Bhutan government and friends of the media, she trekked from the Takin Zoo till Phajoding Gompa.

While the fatigue was evident on the faces of other members of the team, WB CM was not bowed down either by the steep road or the afternoon sun. In fact, she was always one step ahead of the others.



Didi trekked 20 km without ever running out of breath


During her trek at the zoo, she met a group of foreign tourists whom she invited to Darjeeling. The writer of this post spoke to a group of tourists who were trekking down. When asked which animals they saw in the zoo, their instant reply was ‘Baghini’ (tigress of Bengal; referring to the firebrand CM).

For the last four days, thanks to the packed schedule, Didi had not been able to go for her routine walkathons. Today’s trek filled that void alongside official business.