Bengal driving large percentage of India’s exports, says Centre

In terms of exports, Bengal is ahead of the rest of the states, as per the Union Commerce and Industry Minister. This is another confirmation of the fact that the policies on industry and investment being followed by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led Bengal Government are on the right track.

Following the initiatives of the Chief Minister, the variety and amount of exports that take place from Bengal have showed a direction to many states. Bengal has been able to leverage its traditional strengths, be it natural resources, industrial resources, food resources or anything else, for the export market and has been reaping the benefits. As a result, the income of Kolkata Port (including its subsidiary, Haldia Port) has also increased handsomely.

It must be mentioned that 14 per cent of Indian tea is exported through Kolkata. Haldia Petrochemicals exports 4 per cent of the country’s petro-products. Bengal exports a huge 61 per cent of the total leather goods from India. In food, 11 per cent of prawns and lobsters exported from India are from Bengal.

With so much activity happening, Bengal is now the sixth largest economic market in India.



বিশ্ববাজারে রপ্তানিতে দেশের সেরা বাংলা

ভারতবর্ষের মধ্যে রপ্তানি বানিজ্যে সবচেয়ে বেশী এগিয়ে এসেছে বাংলা। এমন দাবি করলেন, কেন্দ্রীয় শিল্প ও বাণিজ্য মন্ত্রী। মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় মুখ্যমন্ত্রী হওয়ার পর একের পর এক অভিনব উদ্যোগের মাধ্যমে বিশ্বের দরবারে বাংলাকে তুলে ধরেছেন এবং প্রায় সারা পৃথিবীর শিল্পপতিদের আহ্বান করে বাংলাতে বিনিয়োগের জোয়ার এনেছেন, তার জেরে একদিকে যেমন বেড়েছে কলকাতা বিমানবন্দরে যাত্রী পরিবহনের সংস্থা, তেমনই দ্বিগুনেরও বেশী পণ্য পরিবহন করে কএকগুন বেশী আয় বাড়াতে সক্ষম হয়েছে কলকাতা ও হলদিয়া বন্দরও।

এছাড়াও বাংলা থেকে সারা দেশের ১৪ শতাংশ চা রপ্তানি হয়। হলদিয়া পেট্রোকেমিক্যাল দেশের মত পেট্রোলিয়ামজাত উৎপাদনের ৪ শতাংশ উৎপাদন করে। চামড়াজাত পণ্য যা রপ্তানি হয়, তার ৬১ শতাংশ বাংলাই করে। চিংড়ি রপ্তানি করে ১১ শতাংশ।

এই মুহূর্তে যে গতিতে বাংলার অর্থনীতি ও শিল্প বৃদ্ধি পাচ্ছে, তাতে ভারতের ষষ্ঠ বৃহত্তম অর্থনীতির বাজার হিসেবে উঠে এসেছে পশ্চিমবঙ্গ।

Dr Amit Mitra lists investment figures to showcase Bengal’s performance

West Bengal Finance and Industries Minister Dr Amit Mitra on Friday highlighted the investment figures and projects-in-pipeline to depict a changing industrial climate in the state.

He instead gave thrust on Purulia’s Raghunathpur figuring in the national dedicated freight corridor grid, HPCL’s turnaround story, and Birbhum’s Deocha Pachami coal block.

“The Global Business Summit in 2015 drew investment proposals of Rs 2,43,100 crore of which Rs 94,380 crore are at an operational state. The 2016 summit saw a commitment of Rs 2,50,254 crore. Inspite of the polls – and model code of conduct – Rs 24,924 crore of it are at an operational state,” Mitra said while replying to a budgetary debate in the assembly.

He claimed the state has got proposals for 234 medium and large scale units, which together amounts for a whopping Rs 72,516 crore.

Referring to July 2015 central data, he claimed that industrial growth in Bengal was higher than many states, including Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

He said that the state has been scaling up infrastructure requirements like connectivity, water, transportation and power back-up at the Industrial Parks to make them viable destinations for investment. Mitra cited the HPCL’s 97 per cent productivity levels and its increased profits.

“Haldia, Asansol and Kharagpur were pulled out from red zone, else it could have been detrimental,” he said. The red zone refers to Central Pollution Control Board’s identified zones where industrial activities were banned due to environmental concerns.

He also said 2,600 acres identified in Purulia’s Raghunathpur as an industrial park would be the site for an integrated manufacturing and production hub figuring in the Amritsar-Kolkata dedicated hi-speed freight corridor.

Haldia Petrochemicals has regained health: Amit Mitra

State Industry and Finance Minister Dr Amit Mitra Friday said health has returned to Haldia Petrochemicals Limited, which was going through a crisis sometimes back.

Speaking at Petrochem 2015, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Dr Mitra said: ” I feel proud to say that today Haldia Petrochemicals Limited is functioning  at 95 percent of its capacity, which is a record. The company is getting orders from states like Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and is creating around 3,500 direct and indirect jobs, while number of jobs downstream is close to 3 lakhs.  This means health has returned”.

The minister also said that the state is number one in reforms. “We have been rewarded by the Centre for reforms, which shows we are progressing”.

Dr Mitra urged industries to come forward and invest in the petrochemical sectors. “The per capita manufacturing capacity in the state for processed plastic is just 2.8 kgs while per capita consumption is nine kgs. So there is demand and I urge you to bridge this gap”.

The minister also appealed to industries to come up with a proposal and DPR for a petrochem cluster and assured all kinds of support for making the project a reality.

” You send us a proposal and we will consider it seriously”. trying to establish that land is not an issue in the state,the minister said we have around 4500 acres of land under WBIDC and also creating necessary infrastructures on another 4,400 acres. So getting land for setting up your unit won’t be a problem”.