WB CM slams Centre for not releasing funds for Bengal

Mamata Banerjee once again slammed the Central government for not releasing funds for 37 schemes which was creating much hardship for the Bengal government and at the same time asked officials to complete all projects within three months.

WB CM was speaking to the media after a meeting with the senior bureaucrats at Town Hall and thanked them for their service to make the recent festival a major success.

She asked officials to go for an overdrive for completion of the projects for which the foundation stones had been laid. She warned if the declared projects were not started it should be started immediately.

The Chief Minister had slammed the Centre’s decision to withdraw funding for projects like ICDS, SSA, BRGF.

The CM said that the state government was performing better than the Centre and hit out at the Centre for not releasing any funds for the flood affected districts of Bengal.

WB CM writes to PM for financial aid for the flood-hit districts of Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has written to Prime Minister about the Union Government not complying with the request for financial aid for the flood-hit districts of the state.

The West Bengal Chief Minister has been protesting time and again regarding the non-cooperation of the Union Government, said that the State Government has not received any intimation about any financial assistance despite a central team having surveyed the flood-affected areas two months ago. In fact, soon after the floods, the West Bengal Chief Minister had met the Prime Minister in Delhi and apprised him of the flood situation in the state along with the extent of damage.

The State Government considers this to be an insult since it has neither received any intimation from Delhi on the financial assistance nor has it been informed about the outcome of the survey conducted by the central team. Moreover, the state government is going through an acute financial crisis and is in a dire need of central assistance.

The West Bengal Chief Minister had placed a demand for financial assistance amounting to Rs.23,000 crore out of which Rs.1,100 crore was earmarked for agriculture sector alone. The assistance was meant to be used for compensating farmers whose crops were damaged in the floods. A major portion of the assistance was also earmarked for repairing roads that were damaged in the floods.

The floods damaged crops in over 10 lakh hectares, which in turn had affected around 72 lakh farmers.

The West Bengal Chief Minister had declared 12 districts flood hit on 5 August. A month later, a central team visited the state to survey the extent of damage in the areas affected by flood.

Despite the financial crunch, the state government has sanctioned Rs.1000 crore for compensating farmers, of which Rs.600 crore has already been disbursed, with distribution of the remaining amount slated to start soon. However, the amount is much less compared to the total extent of damage and there is an urgent need for the Central aid.