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September 26, 2011


WB CM Ms. Mamata Banerjee took part in a rally organized by the Trinamool Congress to commemorate `Singur Diwas` in Singur, agitation which took place on this day in 2006 against the land acquisition by TATA Motors. Speaking on this occasion she said, “I remember that fateful day when the administration around 1am had put off all the lights and removed the media from the scene. They started brutally assaulting us, we were beaten up and in this scuffle Rajkumar Bhun received severe injury and died the next day, I was forcefully removed from the spot fearing an agitation but nothing could deter our agitation“, said Ms. Banerjee who warned the Left Front not to indulge in politics that kills people. Ms. Banerjee also recalled Tapashi Mallik, the 16 year old girl who was raped and burnt alive because she had shown the courage to raise her voice against the atrocities carried out by the CPM-Police-corporate mafia nexus.