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September 16, 2011

CM points out the Opposition`s apathy towards development after all-party meeting

CM points out the Opposition`s apathy towards development after all-party meeting

Kolkata, September 16: The all party ended in quandary as the opposition party which was reluctant to accept the proposal to hold rallies and meeting at a definite place refused to give in making their intentions clear. The Chief Minister said that the meeting was meant to find a solution amicably as she felt that the people on the roads are facing a lot of problems due to the frequent rallies and meetings. She reiterated her assurance that the government would have built a proper place at the Shahid Minar and adjoining areas if the opposition so demanded but her only concern is the rallies at the Metro Channel causing serious traffic bottle necks. However, Ms. Banerjee reiterated her stand that she will not tolerate any inconvenience caused to common man in the name of political rallies as she made it clear that political parties are to safe guard the interest of the people and not create problems.  

Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who is taking initiative to remodel the city by initiating various measures like playing Rabindrasangeet at traffic signals and illuminating heritage building, is working hard to bring back the lost glory is taking one more step ahead in this direction. She has decided to convene an all party meeting on Friday afternoon, the idea behind this is to have a consensus on the issue of unwanted hoardings which not only make the city look dirty but also create a distraction for the motorists. The issue is serious and needs an intervention from the administration as the big billboards put up by commercial institutions tend to block the green space. Apart from the hoarding the all party meeting will also discuss the rally and meeting which puts the city traffic out of gear. Kolkata acquired a name of `city of procession` or `michil nogori` due to the frequent rallies in the city. Ms. Banerjee, have taken a serious note of this plans to put an end to these rallies which not only create traffic hurdles for the commuters but at the same time is pushing back the development in the state. 

The meeting which was an unique approach as she has invited representative from all the parties to attend the meeting so that they can discuss and work out a consensus in this regard. Ms. Banerjee who is taking initiatives to beautify the city firmly believes that a city should have an overall development, hence along side of the administrative work speeding up at various levels she wants the city to be clean and have a smooth traffic system. Coming to this it was felt that the commuters have a tough time on an average due to the frequent rallies organized by the political parties bringing the city at a halt. It was felt that there is a need to work out a module to curb this menace. The Chief Minister had suggested that a definite place should be there where the political parties may have their rallies and meetings. She had suggested that all the rallies to be held at the base of Shahid Minar which will provide some relief to the commuters as they are at the mercy of the political party holding the rally.