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September 15, 2011

Intra-party elections on 2nd week of October

Intra-party elections on 2nd week of October

Trinamool Congress Party is going to have it`s third intra-party elections after the Durga Puja. The Trinamool Congress General Secretary on Wednesday announced the decision.  


The Trinamool Congress which believes in the democratic way of functioning in and outside the part has been regularly holding election within the part to choose representatives to run the administration within the party. The party holds elections election after every five years when the members in the party are given an opportunity to fill their nomination and contest on any position depending on the completion of the protocol as per the party constitution. The Trinamool Congress had two elections ever since its inception, the first in 2001 followed by the second in 2006. The election will be held in two levels, firstly in the All India Level and then in the District and Block levels.


The elections are scheduled to commence immediately after the Durga Puja in the month of October.  During this intra-party election the members will elect representative to chair various important positions in the part both on national as well as district level. Informing about the intra-party elections the party General Secretary said that elections are regular affair within the party and elections will be divided into phases. Under the first phase, election will take place for the national positions within the party and the second one will be held on state, district and block levels. According to sources, the members will unanimously elect Ms. Mamata Banerjee as Chairperson. To have free and fare elections there will be a impartial returning officers who will hold the elections.


There are indications that changes may occur in the leadership at the district and block level after the election. Also there may be more participation from students, youths and women within the party.