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September 8, 2011

CM to visit Paschimbanga districts after Puja

CM to visit Paschimbanga districts after Puja

Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who is keen to know the real situation prevailing in the districts of Paschimbanga will take rounds of these districts after the Durga Puja. 


The announcement was initially made at the Brigade Parade Ground during a rally to commemorate Shahid Diwas  on July 21. Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Ms. Banerjee reiterated her decision to visit the districts as she personally wanted to have a look at the development taking place in these districts especially after announcing various packages for the backward regions.  The Chief Minister made it clear that the allocated funds were for the development of the districts and if found being misused then her office will take adequate action against those found guilty as her primary concern is the development work taking place in districts.

Incidentally, she held a high level meeting with various state ministers and instructed them to keep the development issue in districts on their top priority list. 

After the completion of 100-days in government, the Trinamool Congress led government is now all set their goals for the next 100-days. The work is immense and expectations sore high as the people in this state have been deprived of basic amenities during the last 34-years regime least to talk of the development.  Naturally, the people have great hope and aspirations from their Chief Minister fondly called ‘didi’.

Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who is working tirelessly to bring back the lost glory of Paschimbanga wasted no time in celebrating the completion of 100-days of her government took up the issues which will be given top most priority in the coming 100-days as it would enable the government to have a assessment of the actual situation prevailing in the state and also give an insight to the required work towards the development.

Ms. Mamata Banerjee convened a meeting with the respective ministers and interacted with them trying to assess the performance of some ministers. She made it clear that her top priority is the ‘backward’ districts and would like to know the development taking places in the remote areas like the Junglamahal. Ms. Banerjee wanted to know the progress taking place on the Kisan Credit Card and National Rural Job Guarantee Scheme (NREGA). Inspiring her ministers she asked then to work hard as she will not tolerate the repetition of what took place during the previous government when they were completed to return the funds given by Centre for being able to use on the development of the state. Finance Minister assured the respective ministers that funds will be provided for the rural development projects.

The meeting which was more of a review meeting and aimed at looking at room for improvement in the state was attended by ministers of finance,  water resources investigation, irrigation and micro and small scale enterprises, forest, sports, agriculture, agricultural marketing, food processing and fisheries, Sundarban affairs, public health engineering and power attended the meeting.