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September 26, 2011

Ms. Mamata Banerjee addresses rally in Singur, condemn politics of violence

Ms. Mamata Banerjee addresses rally in Singur, condemn politics of violence

An aggrieved Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee reached Singur to take part in the `Singur Diwas` organized by the Trinamool Congress to commemorate the the black day in 2006 when the Left Front carried out inhuman atrocities on the farmers for refusing to give in to land acquisition. It was evident from her eyes that she was unable to forget those `dark days`. The agitation which could have resolved easily through talks turned into violent agitation due to arrogant policy of the Left Front government. It was Ms. Banerjee who in clear terms had told the TATA and Left government that she will not tolerate politics in the name of land acquisition and she wants the government to return the lands. “I mean it. The government should return the land by August 20“, said Ms. Banerjee declaring a complete non-cooperation with the Tata.

The sentiments at Singur ran high as the people in spite of incessant rains thronged the venue in large numbers to hear the Chief Minister. This was indeed a special moment for Ms. Banerjee too as in the past she had been to Singur on this day as Union Minister but this time she stood with her head high as the Chief Minister of the state. “I am grateful to you all for the love and support. Today while coming to Singur I was surprised to see the intensity of rains that have created water logging in many places but in spite of that you have come to listen to me and I can see the crowd which I am sure has crossed Dankuni“ said Ms. Banerjee.

Ms. Banerjee began by recalling the horrific days of 2006 when the agitation was at its peak and common people became victim of land politics. “I remember that fateful day when the administration around 1am had put off all the lights and removed the media from the scene. They started brutally assaulting us, we were beaten up and in this scuffle Rajkumar Bhun received severe injury and died the next day, I was forcefully removed from the spot fearing an agitation but nothing could deter our agitation“, said Ms. Banerjee who warned the Left Front not to indulge in politics that kills people. Ms. Banerjee also recalled Tapashi Mallik, the 16 year old girl who was raped and burnt alive because she had shown the courage to raise her voice against the atrocities carried out by the CPM-Police-corporate mafia nexus. “I can never forget   Raj in Singur.

Ms. Banerjee in her special way warned those who indulge in politics of violence by spreading terror. “I would like to warn those who try to malign the sentiments usherd-in by Maa-Mati-Manush which I will never tolerate, I can tolerate them abusing me as I have had enough of that since the Left cannot do anything better than that but let me assure them that such behavior do not upset me anymore rather it gives me the kick to move ahead“, said an aggressive Ms. Banerjee. She said that her government is not scared of such elements but at same time warned that she will not tolerate such terror tactics as her concern for the people is foremost. “I believe it’s my duty to reciprocate the immense love and admiration that I have received from the people over the years, I don’t say that I am perfect, nobody is perfect but when I commit something to you, I try to stand by my conviction“, she added.

The Chief Minister told the farmers to get them enrolled and take advantage of the Kisan Credit Card and assured them that she will soon bring a number of schemes to make things easy especially will initiate to put an end to the exploitation they face at the hands of middlemen. Expressing her inability to do enough for the Singur people she requested them allow some more time and assured those farmers who have lost their lands and fall in the 400 acres land criteria, “I will see that the farmers who fall under the 400-acres criteria will get compensation“. However, she said if the TATA wants to build factory on the given land then they are most welcome but if not willing then she are said she will ask the railways to build metro rail coach factory.

Ms. Banerjee reefing to Mahalaya in her special style  asked the hapless farmers to pray to Goddess Durga, “Maa go, jaago, government to niyechey jaiga, court e case pore aachey maa go, amader dike takao“ (O’ Godess Durga, please have a look at our plight, government had forcefully acquired the land, cases is in the court, O’ Goddess please give us the strength to fight the battle). The public was seen cheering their favourite leader each time she addressed them and greeted them from the podium. Ms. Bnarejee assured the farmers that she will never forget the Singur episode and will do her best to make their life smooth once the case is over as the issue was still in the court. The crowd cheered her with huge applause and drum beats.

The father of Tapasi had brought a portrait of Rabindranath Tagore as a gift for Ms. Banerjee along with a citation which she accepted solemnly and gifted to the mother of Rajkumar. “I would like to give this to Rajkumar’s mother as it his death anniversary today and feel both Rajkumar and Tapashi are my strength“.  She greeted everybody on the occasion of Mahalaya tomorrow and wished a happy and prosperous Durga Puja.