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May 11, 2012

US Secretary of State praises West Bengal Paribartan

US Secretary of State praises West Bengal Paribartan

Terming her trip to Kolkata as remarkable, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was all praise for West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee saying despite being a women she successfully ended 34-year-old Left rule in the state.

"I went last week to West Bengal in East India and had two remarkable experiences – meeting the newly elected chief minister, a woman, who on her own started a new political party and built that political party over many years, and just successfully ousted incumbent Communist Party that had been in office for 30, 34 years or so, and who is trying now to govern a state with 90 million people in it," Clinton said.

This was the first-ever visit by a US Secretary of State to Writers' Buildings to hold a meeting with a Chief Minister.

Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Banerjee are listed among the 100 top influential people in world by Time magazine.