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May 20, 2012

Pragati Mela focuses all the developmental work under one roof

Pragati Mela focuses all the developmental work under one roof

The West Bengal government organized `Pragati Utsav` at the Milan Mela complex to commemorate one-year of Maa, Mati Manush government in office. On this occasion West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee greeted all and said, `I express my gratitude and simultaneously congratulate you all on the occasion of one-year completion. I want you to judge the past year and tell me if you felt `poriborton`. Bengal will again look up and I promise you that I will continue to work towards it. I have dedicated my life for Bengal, every moment is important and we cannot afford to lose time`.                                                             

The fair which will be on till May 26, 2012 will depict various achievement of the government within a span of one year. `There is a need to know our culture and heritage even more as they are the backbone of our society. I want my children to read and learn English as the past government was instrumental in taking back our state on the education front but I feel now it is the time of change and  Bengal will gain the lost glory again`, added Chief Minister. 

Speaking on the issue of Singur, Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee expressing her concern, ` The farmers of Singur have been waiting for land since 2006. Several of them who did not accept compensation cheques are in distress`. `I am committed to the people of Singur and I will see that they get justice. Though we have acquired the plot, we have not been able to give it back to farmers as the matter is sub-judice. The government has decided to give each of these families a monthly stipend of 1,000 till they get the land`. Assuring her full cooperation to the hapless people in the area she reiterates that the Maa, Mati, Manush government will distribute rice to the `affected families` in Singur at 2/kg, similar to a rice subsidy scheme for cyclone-affected people in the Sunderbans also`, says Chief Minister.

Apprising of the achievements Ms. Banerjee says that her government is instrumental in creating five-lakh government jobs, three-lakh jobs generated in private sector, 1.5 lakh jobs in small scale units. Kisan Mandi in rural areas 341 cold storages to come up in 341 blocks 5000 new schools and 100 technical institutes established 500 additional seats created in medical colleges in one year 2% drop in infant mortality rate in 10 months.  She maintains that ushering in e-governance in multiple spheres, revitalizing industry by setting up 16 railway units, attracting investment worth Rs 95,000 crore, improving agricultural productivity, reducing infant mortality and augmenting health infrastructure.
Chief Minister also mentions her idea to initiate a `fuelled all round development` by taking the Writers’ to the districts.

Referring to two biggest achievements during the past one-year, Hills and Jangalmahal, she said that when she took over as the Chief Minister of the state she was terrified to find out the lawlessness across various districts and regions and realised that the challenges were immense but after completion of one-year she is happy that many of them have been sorted out. `Bengal is witnessing a new awakening. When the new government came to power, it faced several challenges. Today I can tell you that my darling Darjeeling is smiling and my Jangalmahal laughing`, says the Chief Minister referring to her two biggest achievements during the past one-year.

`We have started the Swarna Sarak Yojona, the idea came after seeing the success of Golden Quadrilateral, as this will improve communication and ignite development. We can and we will. Bengal will regain its lost glory. Bengal will once again emerge as the frontrunner. The idiom ‘What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’ will once again ring true. Maa, Mati , Manush is my concern and under no circumstances I will  tolerate any harassment to the people`, says Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister concludes by quoting the lines form a Rabindrasangeet `Praano bhoriye trisha horiye, more aaro aaro aaro dao pran,.tobo bhuboney tobo bhoboney more aaro aaro dao sthaan…