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May 23, 2012

Chief Minister aggrieved over the petroleum price hike, says unacceptable

Chief Minister aggrieved over the petroleum price hike, says unacceptable

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee held a Press conference on Wednesday evening to express her dissatisfaction over the sudden petroleum price hike.

Reacting to the issue she said that she was unable to understand that on what grounds the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government was hell-bent on increasing the petroleum prices especially when there has been a steady downfall in the price of crude oil in the international market, `I want to show you this graphic which shows that the price of crude oil in the international market has come down to $108 which was $125 earlier, I am showing you a report of March this year`. Ms. Mamata Banerjee who has raised her voice in the past too over the same issue compelling the UPA to withdraw the hike, on Wednesday again she reiterated her stand and said, `I am not going to accept in any circumstances a hike when the prices have gone down in the international market, will not accept this ploy to burden the common man`.

`I am concerned over the hike and I feel that this is due to the devaluation of Indian rupee in the market which has compelled investors to withdraw from the market and result is gross mismanagement showing on the Indian economy, I feel days are going to be very hard`. She asked if such was the situation then why was the UPA keeping silent on the issue and did not do anything to counter the situation in the past.

`I am not  a economist and I don`t understand this better but I at the same time condemn the this ploy to increase money as I regard this is the easy option and this is unacceptable`, said Ms. Mamata Banerjee, `I will not accept this as increasing price and putting all the burden on the masses is not done`, said the Chief Minister.

`Even if I agree for an argument sake that there is a problem then why did the UPA government not discussed this with all the member parties, they should always remember that the UPA is an alliance government and that they are not running the government on their own. They must understand like them other parties too have some say in the government and they should make it a point to take all the alliance parties into account and discuss an issue before, `I am totally in a dark. As you all are aware we are an alliance at the Centre. In all perspective they will have to take all the parties into account and I want express my dissatisfaction for not being consulted or discussed`, added Chief Minister. 

`Walking out of the UPA could be an easy preposition but the implications could be severe as that will lead to instability and I cannot allow that to happen either. I am not like the CPI(M) party, we do respect stability. I consider political and economic stability is most important element for a country to prosper.  We are committed to this government and I will not topple the government. However, I will not accept such a decision either. being in an alliance government does not mean that I cannot express my views or raise my voice against the increase. I will certainly protest against the wrong and I am doing this in the interest of the masses`.  
Lastly, she said asked in astonishment that why the UPA government did not raise the price hike issue in the Parliament when the house was in session till yesterday, as this could have enabled the members to discuss all the possibilities in a debate but she said that the UPA did not care to raise the issue. `Why are they doing this every time, I sincerely;y want to understand. I am really worried about the way UPA government is treating its alliances and would only request the UPA to think for the masses which is already under so much financial constraints and another jolt will simply make them out of balance`, said Chief Minister.
` We are aggrieved, sad and angry over this decision. However, I am ready to talk over the issue if they want to have a dialogue but why should I call if they are not willing to talk, added Ms. Mamata Banerjee.