Lok Sabha

June 19, 2019

Sudip Bandyopadhyay welcomes Speaker Om Birla

Sudip Bandyopadhyay welcomes Speaker Om Birla

Honourable Speaker Sir, I welcome you on the Chair as the Speaker of the House. The sanctum of the sanctorium of the great House and the Chair of the Speaker is somehow a different position in the whole of the nation. But according to my conception, my own faith after being elected as an MLA and MP more than nine times in the parliamentary system of the country, I still believe that Parliament should belong to the Opposition mainly, by which parliamentary democratic functioning can be most strengthened.

What we feel is that brute majoritarianism sometimes affects the normal functioning of the House and whether a House will function properly or not mostly depends on the Treasury Bench. If they feel, if the intentions and the desires of the Honourable Prime Minister, what he expressed today, that he is of the opinion that let all the discussions be held very peacefully; we want to assure you that we are very much in favour of the fact that discussions take place on the floor of the House.

When people have dictated and given their dictum, the Central Government should be run by these parties, similarly State Governments are also governed by the dictum of the people of that State. But in many cases we find that the Central Government acts like a government which can govern the whole country and is in the habit of sending many directions and many adversaries, even two adversaries in one week. And when these are raised on the floor of the House, the ruling party doesn’t allow the smaller parties to convey their views on the floor of the House.

So I would request you to look at both sides, the left as well as the right. The very name ‘Om Birla’ has a speciality as well because the name always reflects a lot of things. Many people ask me whether he belongs of the industrial family of the Birlas, and naam ke pehle jiska ‘Om’ hota hai woh toh khub bara vishay hota hai. Toh dono milake Om Birla naam ka tathast pratiphalan app House mein karayiyein aur dono taraf ko confidence dijiye ki aap dono taraf ke saath hain. Main aapka swagat karta hoon.