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August 26, 2021

State considering giving land plots for free to doctors, nurses, says chief minister

State considering giving land plots for free to doctors, nurses, says chief minister

A meeting on the health infrastructure of Bengal was held at the academic building of SSKM Hospital in. Kolkata, chaired by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Those present at the meeting included the state Transport and Housing Minister Firhad Hakim, the health secretary and officials of SSKM.

Besides discussing the present state of health infrastructure in the state, talks were also held on the proposed cancer treatment centre at the premier hospital. Following the meeting, Mamata Banerjee addressed a press conference.

Highlights of the press conference: 

  • The PG Hospital and Tata Cancer Hospital are collaborating on setting up a cancer treatment centre.
  • More stress will be given on infrastructure for children’s health.
  • An area of 10 acres would be designated for housing for doctors and nurses.
  • Quack doctors can visit villages to treat people. However, they would work not as full-fledged doctors but as basic health providers, following certain regulations of the primary health centres.
  • Junior doctors work very well under guidance of senior doctors. Many nurses, having long years of experience behind them, have the capability to work hand-in-hand with doctors. Such nurses would henceforth be promoted and be designated as ‘practitioner sister’.
  • Besides nursing duties, practitioner sisters would have the responsibility of ensuring through their work that hospitals do not experience the lack of treating doctors.
  • A G+10 hostel would be built for SSKM on Lee Road and a G+6 hostel for other medical colleges.
  • One hundred per cent of teachers have been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The next meeting on the state’s health infrastructure would be held on September 16.