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August 28, 2021

We are ready to die, but would never let the country be sold to the BJP: Mamata Banerjee

We are ready to die, but would never let the country be sold to the BJP: Mamata Banerjee

On the occasion of the Foundation Day of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad, Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed the youth at a virtual rally from Kalighat.


Highlights of her speech

Students are the future of the country. Delhi can’t counter us politically, that why they throw the agencies at us.

Our challenges have increased after coming to power. Trinamool can’t be stopped in its tracks by using agencies.

Student Credit Card, with loan of Rs 10 lakh against each, which can be repaid in 40 years; nine lakh smartphones for students; 40 new universities; 30,000 students recruited; more than nine crore cycles under Sabooj Sathi, with more to come;

Government employees are being given the sack in Tripura, yet so many promises were made before the elections.

Many teachers recruited in Bengal; many to be recruited at the Deocha Pachami mines; deep sea port being built in Tajpur; industrial estate at Jangalsundari in Raghunathpur; lakhs of people to get employment in the future; IT to be a big source of employment, including at data centres, already 2.10 lakh employed; new leather complex at Bantala; 68 industrial parks, Biswa Bangla Hubs have come up

Unemployment here much less than many states; it has reduced by 45 per cent.

More than six lakh unemployed youth provided training through Utkarsh Bangla Scheme, many among whom have got employment as well; training also being provided for recruitment as IAS, IPS, WBCS officers

Daughters are self-reliant today, no longer a burden on their parents. Kanyashree is our pride.

Stress should  be given on creating political awareness amongst the youth on a large scale. Teachers are our pride.

The BJP is stifling students’ voices.

Bengal will show the way. TMCP will play a big role at the national level. I would ask its members to create a network across the country.

The current BJP government is demonic, eveil; they don’t love the people, they just want to dominate using muscle power; they want to sell off the whole country.

Insurance, coal, railways are being sold off. Next they might just ask the people to sell their body parts. It is the duty of students to protest against all these.

Why should they catch only Trinamool for illegally selling coal? Coal is part of the Union government’s responsibilities. I can name at least a dozen minister who have looted Asansol. During elections, they used to board at hotels run by owners of coal-related businesses.

Many BJP leaders and ministers are involved in women’s trafficking; I have not uttered anything against them.

Let the ED send it’s notices; I would reply by sending sacks of documents as proof of our innocence

I have never seen such politics of vengeance. We don’t do such a kind of politics. I would ask the BJP: What measures have you taken against your members involved in wrongdoing? Have you sent the Human Rights Commission to Hathras in UP?

We don’t mind being investigated by the CBI. But why would they go visit villages taking a BJP leader along?

Is the Human Rights Commission only for Bengal? Why not Tripura? Our workers are being beaten up daily there.

All such commissions have been politicised. All members are part of the BJP

If they can, let them fight Abhishek politically.

I want to know, from where does PM-CARES gets its funds?

They only know how to tell lies. Thta’s why I’m appealing to everyone to get united and prepare for the big fight.

The CPI(M) and the BJP both have tried to murder us. Attempt was made on me in Nandigram.

Why are the soldiers being withdrawn from Afghanistan without evacuating all its citizens who need evecuation?

I’ve never seen such divisions among soldiers.

All election-related expenses the states have to bear.

If we say anything, we are being labelled as anti-nationals. Can the sacred land of the country ever be sold?